Gretchen Winters
Powers and
Played By Leela Savasta
Status Deceased

"Yeah. The krypto... thing." - Gretchen Winters, Tomb

Gretchen Eileen Winters was a teenager whose vengeful spirit possessed Chloe Sullivan after her body was discovered. It was later revealed she had been killed by a psychotic orderly and her body stuffed in the wall of the Talon apartment.

Early life

Michael Westmore had befriended the young girl, listening to her problems, before deciding that killing her was the only way she would be at peace.

Season Five

A particularly violent storm awakened Gretchen's spirit, which at first began to manipulate Chloe Sullivan, causing her to slash her wrists, and appear as brief visions of her ghost, which lead to Chloe being admitted to Belle Reve Sanitarium. Chloe was able to convince Clark Kent that she was actually telling the truth when Clark's x-ray vision revealed her corpse in the wall of Chloe's bathroom at the Talon. When Chloe touched the corpse's kryptonite-gemstone bracelet, Gretchen's spirit was able to possess Chloe fully, using Chloe's connections to track down Westmore, who, she remembered as the orderly who had killed her. Gretchen interrupted Westmore's attempt to kill Chloe's cousin, Lois Lane, and distracted him long enough for Clark to arrive and stop him. But Gretchen was not able to move on until she was able to possess Westmore, and kill him in a final act of revenge.

Once he was dead, her spirit disappeared.