Not only individual characters appear in the Smallville TV series, but also groups of characters. There are for example families or companies, but also groups formed by individual characters having specific aims. Some of the groups use aliases for their members.

Groups from the TV series

Image Name /

first seen

Members Description
Smallville212 200 Insurgence team

2x12 Insurgence

  • Kern
  • Pine
  • Bishop
  • Nicky
Group of professionals for planting listening devices in offices.
Devoted1 Cheerleaders of Devotion

4x04 Devoted

  • Mandy
  • Mara
  • Mary
  • Rhonda
Group of cheerleaders of the Smallville Crows who had created kryptonite-laced drinks to control the football players with devotion.
Disciples of Zod Disciples of Zod

5x01 Arrival

  • Aethyr
  • Nam-Ek
Pair of disciples of General Zod who arrived in the Black Ship on earth in order to find Kal-El and force him to free Zod from the Phantom Zone.
Students for Lex Luthor Students for Lex Luthor

5x10 Fanatic

Group of students at Central Kansas A&M helping Lex Luthor during his campaign for becoming senator of the state of Kansas.

Justice League

6x11 Justice

... and others

Group of vigilantes formed by Oliver Queen.
Fierce31 Weather Girls

7x03 Fierce

  • Tyler Crenshaw
  • Tempest Drake
  • Carly Meadows
Group of meteor freaks having the ability to control the weather elements heat, cold, and wind.
Veritas-01 Veritas

7x15 Veritas

... and others

Secret society who prepared for the arrival of The Traveler
Legionrings Legion of Super-Heroes

8x11 Legion

Group of humanoid alien super-heroes from the 31st century who arrived from the future in order to save Clark from the Persuader and help him defeat Brainiac.
S08e21 (2) Injustice League

8x21 Injustice

Group of meteor freaks assembled by Tess Mercer to find Doomsday for the Traveler to destroy.

Justice Society of America

9x11 Absolute Justice, Part 1

... and others

a group of superheroes that teamed together during the 1970s to secretly defended Earth from villains and criminal activity

Zv.9.16 1896

9x11 Absolute Justice, Part 2

... and others

Group of government agents working undercover, using chesspieces as codenames and to summon each other.
Suicide Squad logo (Smallville)

Suicide Squad

10x01 Lazarus

Group of villains used by the Checkmate agency for their undercover actions
Harrietandgirls Female Furies

10x08 Abandoned

  • Harriet

... and others

Group of warrior women trained by Granny Goodness in St. Louise's Orphanage.
The Prophets Darkseid's prophets

10x08 Abandoned

Group formed by the three closest and most powerful minions of Darkseid

JL LOD 1020Smallville1257
Marionette Ventures

10x20 Prophecy

Group of super-villains assembled by Winslow Schottto kill the Blur and his companions from the Justice League, wherein:

Groups from the comics

Image Name Members Description
GREENLANTERNCORPS Green Lantern Corps Intergalactic police team
640px-Rocket Red Brigade (Smallville) 001 Rocket Red Brigade
  • Alexi (leader)

... and others

Team of Russian super-heroes
The Titans Teen Titans Team of adolescent super-heroes assembled by Jay Garrick, therefore also called Jay Garrick's Team
Smallville - Lantern 008-015 Yellow Lantern Corps

... and others

Group of intergalactic villains, using rings formed by Parallax and powered by fear as their weapons.