Foreverws 160
Haley Timmonds
Occupation Student (Smallville High School),
Waitress (Talon Café)
Played By Fiona Scott
Status Deceased

Haley Timmonds was a popular cheerleader at Smallville High School.

Season Four

On her last day there, she was captured by Brendan Nash, a metahuman classmate who had the ability to turn people into wax statues. She was placed in a factory along with Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang, Wendell Johnson, and Delia Watkins. The interior of the factory was made to look like that of Smallville High School. When she and the others tried to escape the factory, Haley was caught by Brendan, and turned into wax.

Brendan then demonstrated what would happen to Chloe and Lana if they tried to escape, by ripping off Haley's waxen head and smashing it over the stairs.


  • Haley was voted "Most Likely to be a Metropolis Sharks Cheerleader" on the 2005 senior "Who's Who" list.

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