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Hank Henshaw
Family Terri Henshaw (wife)
Occupation Astronaut
Status Alive

Commander Hank Henshaw is a pilot who after an accident became a cyborg.

Early lifeEdit

At some point in his life, Hank married Terri Henshaw.

Season ElevenEdit

Lex Luthor announced that Hank would pilot the LexCorp shuttle that would launch the first Guardian orbital defense platforms into orbit. Pre-flight, Hank was interviewed by Clark Kent. He gave details about his pre-flight "rituals," and later commented that Lex had given him a greater purpose and that the Guardian platforms would work toward the greater good. He then said that Superman has done some good, but has not done enough and can only be effective if he forces his own ideas on the unwilling.

Superman and Hank reach an agreement.
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At the launch site, Hank led the crew during take-off, but eventually the shuttle experienced failure and exploded mid-flight. Superman soon caught up to the shuttle, put out the fire caused by the explosion and removed the last fuel tank before it exploded. Using his gamma vision, he was able to see that there was a radiation leak. Superman then had Watchtower contact Hank through LexCorp mission control, where he informed them that he could save them, but needed to pry open the shuttle as it would depressurize, but Hank insisted that Superman save his crewmembers first so he (Hank) could pilot the shuttle into orbit as the shuttle was leaking radiation. But before Superman left to save the crew, Hank revealed a secret. Superman saved the crew and returned to the shuttle as the oxygen levels reached zero and Hank passed out.

Hank awakens.
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Hank woke up on a stretcher, with radiation burns. As the paramedics began to transport him, Superman instructed them to send him to Dr. Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs. Lois Lane came up to Superman, hoping for a quote, but he instead told her that Clark would not be home for breakfast, because the explosion was not a misfire.

Emil says that Hank is trapped inside his own body.
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Hank fell into a vegetative state due to radiation and was left at S.T.A.R labs with Emil and his wife, Terri, watching over him. Lex Luthor then offered to perform an experiment on Hank that could in turn save him. After the procedure was successfully conducted, Hank awoke in a robotic body. Angry with his current state he grabbed Luthor by the neck and lifted him into the air.
Smallville 4-04
Henshaw apologizes to Superman.
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Hank then starts causing trouble at STAR Labs; he is angry that he is now a robot. Trying to get over being a robot and his wife's blaming of Superman, Hank goes insane and decides he would be a better hero than Superman. However, Superman gets Hank to come to his senses, and Hank goes to sleep.Superman speaks to Terri about the special arrangements made for Hank. Hank apologizes to Superman after coming to his senses.

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 08 03 1376069821077
Hank gives an advice to Tess Mercer.
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Z59 (7)
Hank reveals that Tess visits him very often.
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Months later at the S.T.A.R. Labs, Tess visits Hank Henshaw to get some advice from him about her obsession for revenge, feeling that he is the only person who can understand her due to his state as a newly artificial intelligence too. He says that he knows how she feels, stating that the anger and the instability he felt when his consciousness was first moved to a cybernetic body were long there before Luthor used him as an experiment. He also tells Tess that the fact that she recognizes that she actually has a problem makes her be ahead of the curve and that he was in lot more difficult place than her because due to his instability he even fought with Superman, making him tear apart his robotic body. Hank encourages Tess saying that she has a second chance to do right by herself and the people she cares about.

When S.T.A.R. Labs are under attack by Lex's forces and Emil Hamilton gets shot Tess decides to take action and do whatever she can to save Emil's life so Hank advices her to keep her emotions in check.


In the ComicsEdit

Cyborg Superman 002
Cyborg-Superman as he appears in the comics.
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Henry "Hank" Henshaw appeared as the Cyborg Superman during the Reign of the Supermen storyline following the death of Superman. He has also been referred to as the "Man of Tomorrow" or, simply, the "Cyborg."

830px-Hank henshaw origins
Hank Henshaw's origin.
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Henshaw was a member of a doomed space flight on a LexCorp shuttle, where his body rapidly aged as a result of the flight (a pastiche of the origin of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four). Before he seemingly died, he successfully saved his wife, a fellow astronaut on the flight, who had been fading from existence. It was later revealed, however, that Henshaw's consciousness survived with the ability to manipulate computers and machinery, and had transferred himself into LexCorp's mainframe, then into Superman's Kryptonian escape shuttle, which he used to explore the universe. Henshaw returned as an incomplete Superman lookalike, with mechanical parts over large sections of his body, and blamed Superman for his exile. With Superman dead after his battle with Doomsday, the Cyborg claimed to be Superman reborn; DNA tests matched Superman's and his technology was identified as Kryptonian.

Cyborg-Superman VS Superman.
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Allied with the alien warlord Mongul, Henshaw was responsible for the destruction of Coast City. Naturally, Superman returned from the dead after a long, controversial period. He returned without his superpowers, yet still tried to defeat his cyborg counterpart. Henshaw attempted to kill Superman using kryptonite energy, but the Eradicator, an ally of Superman, intercepted the blast, at the expense of his own life. However, as the kryptonite energy passed through the Eradicator, it re-powered Superman. Superman grabbed Henshaw, stuck his arm through his chest and vibrated his arm at a great rate, dispersing Henshaw's molecules.

However, Henshaw managed to reform himself. During the Superman/Doomsday mini-series, he returned, a result of successfully installing a device on Doomsday's back of when he dispatched him into space. With Doomsday unleashed on Apokolips, Henshaw seized the opportunity to try and take control of the planet, but was eventually stopped by Superman, Waverider and Darkseid, with Darkseid delivering the killing blow with his Omega beams. This, however, did not kill Henshaw, as Darkseid had merely stored his consciousness in a small orb, with which to use whenever he needed.

Henshaw soon found a means of escape when he was used by a galactic tribunal to help bring in Superman for crimes against Krypton. However, Henshaw attempted to betray them and, when Superman was exonerated from the corrupted trial, was sent to an apparent death. He again escaped this fate, and briefly encountered Hal Jordan in his final days as Parallax, during the Final Night, at the very brim of the Godwave, a nexus of statues that flow Fourth energy vital to the preservation of the Fourth World. Henshaw was imprisoned in the Godwave by the souls and memories of all his victims.

During a crisis involving the Godwave, Superman traveled to New Genesis and encountered Henshaw again. Henshaw had become part of the Godwave's structure and had crafted a small world comprised of his memories, which he used to taunt Superman after seemingly being defeated. However, unknown to Superman, Henshaw had stored his own consciousness in Superman's suit and, upon returning to Earth, split Superman into two beings before his next defeat, also setting off the events that led to Superman's rebirth as one being with his traditional powers and costume. He later attempted to take over Kandor, but this failed when he was defeated by Superman and sent to the Phantom Zone.

Shortly after Y2K, Henshaw escaped the Phantom Zone and attacked Superman, who was suffering from kryptonite poisoning at the time. He was defeated with the help of the Kandorians and sent back to the Phantom Zone, swearing revenge; however, he was not encountered on subsequent visits to the Zone. He eventually made his way to Sector 3601, to Biot, homeworld of the Manhunters. There, he gathered many Green Lanterns who were previously thought to be dead (including Arisia, Kreon, Ke'Haan, Boodikka, Laira and Chaselon) and used them as power sources for his new model of Manhunters, the Highmasters. However, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner discovered his operation, and Jordan and Arisia combined the might of their power rings with one of the Highmasters, destroying the organic portion of Henshaw's body and most of Biot. Henshaw remained in custody on Oa until he was freed, along with Superboy-Prime, by a strike force of Sinestro Corps members. He was brought to Qward, where he was made into a herald of the Anti-Monitor. When the Green Lantern Corps decided to detonate New Warworld and the Qwardian Central Power Battery of the Sinestro Corps to destroy the Anti-Monitor, Henshaw was trapped behind a shield and exposed to the massive explosion. Before he was finally killed, however, he was able to thank the Green Lantern Corps for their mercy in ending his life.

1192196-glcor cv50 02
Hank Henshaw fighting the Green Lantern Corps.
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A small fraction of Henshaw's corpse was found after the explosion, and the Manhunters confirmed that he had perished, but were confused without his leadership. Seeking the leadership "programming" of their grandmaster, the Manhunters funneled a massive amount of energy into Henshaw, and he experienced yet another resurrection, crying when he realized that he was alive yet again. During the Brightest Day, Henshaw was seen working with the Alpha Lanterns, working to augment every Lantern, including Ganthet, into an Alpha. While doing so, he declared himself the Alpha Lantern leader. Henshaw later detailed that his purpose in dealing with the Alpha Lanterns was to alter himself, such that he would be mortal again. He began experiments on the Alpha Lanterns to reverse-engineer their cyborg attributes into humans. Despite killing several Alpha Lanterns, Henshaw was ultimately successful in devising a way to reverse-engineer some of the Alpha Lanterns. Before Henshaw could force Ganthet to perform his new surgery on himself, the Green Lantern Corps spoiled his plans and destroyed his physical body. Henshaw then tried to transfer his consciousness into Boodikka, but Boodikka overpowered him with willpower and cut his essence in half, thus destroying him.

Cyborg-Superman VS Doomsday.
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However, it seems that even this wasn't enough for Henshaw to be killed. While surveying the remains of New Krypton, Boodikka was attacked by Doomsday, seemingly unprovoked. However, when Supergirl and Batman got her to the JLA Watchtower, Doomsday quickly followed, revealing why he was attacking her – Henshaw was still alive. Taking over the Watchtower, the presence of Doomsday overrode Henshaw's desire to die, vowing to destroy the beast once and for all even with Batman and Supergirl stuck in the crossfire. With one mighty blow, Henshaw tore through Doomsday, ripping his body apart. However, Doomsday recovered and, to the Cyborg's horror, he became "Cyborg Doomsday", took over the Watchtower and vanquished Henshaw, kidnapping him and the arriving Supergirl in the process.

In The New 52 a fully human Henshaw appears as a doctor working for the Advanced Prosthetic Research Centre and colleague of Caitlin Fairchild. He is tasked into reactivating the android Spartan. He was later killed by Deathstroke.

The Cyborg Superman appears for the first time in Supergirl and it is later revealed that he is actually Kara's father, Zor-El.

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