Hauntings is the third volume in a series of novels about Smallville.

The novel was written by Nancy Holder and printed on January, 2003.


(Provided on page 38 of Smallville #9)

A haunted farmhouse is only the beginning as kryptonite begins bringing restless phantoms back into existence.


This novel takes place near the end of season 1. It starts on Mother's Day. It seems to be season 1 and Mother's Day of 2002 (as season 1 went from 2001-2002) was on May 12 so the book takes place in mid to late May.

What makes it season 1? Well, Clark doesn't know where he is from but knows he is an alien, Lana is working at the Talon (which happens mid-season 1), and Clark has X-Ray vision (which he gets in X-Ray, and Lana is still dating Whitney, and Dr. Hamilton is working for Lex.

Judging by the date of May 12 but also that Whitney doesn't seem to be completely depressed over the death of his father the episode probably takes place between Drone and Crush.

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