Henry James Olsen had several near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
601Smallville0647 6x01 Zod Jimmy was almost crushed by debris when the Daily Planet was falling apart on Dark Thursday but was saved by Chloe, who pushed him out of the way.
Wither373 6x03 Wither Jimmy ventured into the woods near Make-out Point when he was attacked by Gloria, a Zoner with the ability to spawn alien plant seeds inside of human males. Chloe and Clark saved him, and then Chloe killed the plants inside him by shocking him with a defibrillator.
620Smallville0818 6x20 Noir Jimmy fight with a gunman in the lobby of the Daily Planet to protect Chloe, but the gunman gets the upper hand and knocks Chloe off the balcony.
703Smallville0601 7x03 Fierce When Jimmy was photographing the Miss Corn Pageant in Smallville, two of the Weather Girls noticed him taking pictures and attempted to kill him by freezing him in his car. Kara Kent saved his life, and he recovered in Smallville Medical Center.
709Smallville0501 7x09 Gemini Just before Christmas, Jimmy and Chloe were trapped in a stuck elevator at the Daily Planet with a bomb planted by Adrian Cross. The two were saved at the last second by Bizarro when he opened the elevator, took the bomb, and threw it off the roof.
Normal descent807 (1) 7x16 Descent Jimmy was forced into a walk-in freezer by Gina and came close of dying of hypothermia, before Clark saved him by warming him up with heat vision.
804Smallville0616 8x04 Instinct After met Maxima who was looking for her soul mate; her endorphin-boosting kiss triggered Jimmy heart attack. Clark raced Jimmy to the hospital using super-speed, where Jimmy received treatment in time to recover.
805Smallville0481 8x05 Committed Chloe and Jimmy were abducted by a psychotic jeweler who electrocuted them when they failed a lie detector. He freed them after they passed his test.
806Smallville0967 8x06 Prey The shadow killer attacked Jimmy when he disrupted an attack on Davis, but Clark threw a tire at the killer. The tire knocked out the shadow killer, saving Jimmy.
810Smallville1112 8x10 Bride Jimmy became seriously injured after his chest was ripped opened by Doomsday and had to be hospitalized in Star City.
816Smallville0908 8x16 Turbulence Jimmy confronted Davis about a series of murders. As he handcuffed him to a railing, Davis began to transform into Doomsday, but Jimmy was unwittingly saved by Chloe, who tasered him unconscious; her presence was able to tame the beast within Davis.
820Smallville0744 8x20 Beast When Jimmy found Davis in the basement of the Talon, Davis attacked him and nearly crushed his skull before Oliver reminded Davis that Chloe would never forgive him. Davis then threw Jimmy, and he later needed a paramedic's help to recover.
822Smallville0921 8x22 Doomsday Jimmy was killed by Davis after he had reconciled with Chloe and Davis discovered that Chloe had been lying to him about her feelings.


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