"Some girls go for sports cars. I figure you're more of a lock-picking kind of girl?" - Henry James Olsen, to Chloe Sullivan, Noir

Jimmy appears at the Daily Planet.

Jimmy returned to Metropolis on the Dark Thursday and was caught at a crossroads with Chloe while trying to figure out what was happening. After discussing for a moment their previous relationship, the two could not hide that attraction between them still existed but their conversation was cut by the attack of Zod. Finally, after all back to normal he meet Clark Kent and officially became a member of the staff of the Daily Planet.


Jimmy is attacked by Gloria

One night, he and Chloe investigated man-eating plants at Make-out Point in the woods. After feeling inferior to Clark, he ventured alone into the woods to impress Chloe, where he met Gloria, who spawned her seeds in him and Chloe and Clark rescued him. Chloe killed the plants inside him by shocking him with a defibrillator.

Chloe and Jimmy began to dating again after this but decided to do it the right way this time.


Jimmy confronts Lex.

Jimmy had a conspiracy theory about Lex Luthor, so he followed him to a meeting with Dr. Groll, not knowing that it was actually Lana meeting the doctor. He later questioned Lex about the meeting. Angry, Lex kicked him out of the mansion, but Jimmy was able to take pictures of schematics of the Kryptonian black box first. Seeing the schematics at full scale, he figured Lex was working with the Egyptians. Jimmy went to the editor to see if he had anything credible, but Lex got him fired instead. Jimmy had to talk his way back into his job and was demoted to the basement in photography archives.


Jimmy helps Chloe and Lana find Lex.

Despite what Lex did to him, after Chloe enlisted Jimmy's help when Lex was trapped in an alternate frequency by metahuman Bronson, Jimmy did not hesitate to help. He used his father's old HAM radio equipment to tune into the frequency and restore Lex and Lana to their right dimension.

When Jimmy prepared a romantic evening to spend with Chloe, Clark asked Chloe to help him figure out how migrant workers were dying on a nearby farm by babysitting young Javier Ramirez and Jimmy´s plans collapsed. Then Chloe and Jimmy successfully located Javier's mother in Granville, and the two were reunited.


Jimmy meets with Lois.

When Lois Lane began to suspect that the Green Arrow was her boyfriend, Oliver Queen, she met Jimmy online and offered to buy pictures of the Green Arrow from him. When they met to exchange the photographs, they were shocked to already know each other. Lois was disappointed that all of Jimmy's photographs were of body parts such as his legs and arms. He and Lois devised a plan to draw the Green Arrow out, but Clark and Oliver worked together as well to throw them off the trail. Jimmy was ecstatic to finally get a full-on face shot of the Green Arrow but when his pictures were processed, he was dismayed to find that he disappeared from the shot. Also, he provided Chloe information about the mysterious death of a man on a source of water.


Jimmy saves the day.

Jimmy decided to hook up Clark and Lois together on Valentine's Day. After Lois and Clark were infected by a red kryptonite aphrodisiac, Jimmy was sent by Chloe to pick up an antidote made from green kryptonite. He sprayed Lois with the antidote and she was cured, but nevertheless, he started criticizing Clark´s behavior. Because of the way in which Chloe defended Clark, Jimmy was offended and then decided to end his relationship with her, leaving her in tears.


Clark talks with Jimmy about Chloe.

However, Clark later asked Jimmy to help him locate a paparazzi who was stalking Lana. Even though he turned out to not be Lana's stalker, Clark and Jimmy successfully found the paparazzi's apartment and tracked him down. Then Clark then took the opportunity to clarify with him about the things between him and Chloe and advised him not to give up on her.


Clark and Jimmy are surprised to find Chloe safe and sound.

When Chloe turned up missing, Jimmy was extremely worried and panicked, but Clark was able to calm him down and helped him search for her. Chloe was returned seemingly unharmed and Jimmy helped her figure out who was behind her abduction. Jimmy was startled and appalled when he discovered that Clark had picked a tracking chip out of Chloe's shoulder with what they told him was a pocketknife. He and Chloe returned to their old relationship after this.


Jimmy and Chloe at the Daily Planet.

Finally, Jimmy surprised Chloe with a romantic classic movie screening at the Planet offices the same night Lana Luthor was shot. Jimmy took a photograph of the assailant, but was knocked out before he could retrieve it. While unconscious, he dreamed of Smallville in 1940. Images from the dream helped him solve the case upon awakening. He realized Lana's reason for being at the Planet that night and provided valuable clues towards finding the culprit. His work on the case got him a promotion, and he left Smallville to document a swim club for elderly men in Milwaukee.

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