Family Unknown
Powers and
Super strength (temporary)
Status Alive

Hercules is a Rottweiler. He, along with Shelby ("Einstein" at the time), who was apart of a LuthorCorp experiment.


This dog, along with another number of dogs, are experimented on by LuthorCorp. At the dog shelter, they are under the control of the Greenfield brothers, Zack and Josh. There, they are severely and tremendously mistreated. They use him and Einstein to commit crimes using their Kryptonite-induced powers.

Hercules along with Einstein at the orders of the Greenfields, barge into a store and while Einstein breaks into a safe, this dog's snarling at the man at the desk. This dog, being seemingly more aggressive (due to be teased and abused), chases the guy to a room sealed off by two steel doors. He easily busted in.

Once locating Einstein, who's been taken under the tender care of the Kents, they deploy Hercules. He attacks Jonathan, and tears right through bone. Shelby leaps to the rescue, and he's called off.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength - Through constant Kryptonite injections, this dog was given uncontrollable strength. It eventually wore off, and now he's just an ordinary dog. Jonathan worried that it was so strong it could even injure Clark in season four to some degree and Clark himself accepted the possibility.

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