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Hiram Kent
Family Jessica Kent (wife, deceased), Jonathan Kent (son, deceased), Martha Kent (daughter-in-law), Clark Kent, (adopted grandson)
Played By Dean Wray
Status Deceased

Hiram Kent (1924-1980) was the father of Jonathan Kent and Clark's adoptive grandfather. He was a farmer, like all the Kent men. His wife was Jessica Kent.

Physical AppearanceEdit


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Early lifeEdit

Hiram was one of the jury members who put Harry Volk in jail for murder.

Season ThreeEdit

Relicws 396
Hiram and Jessica help "Joe".

After Louise McCallum was killed, her accused murderer "Joe" came across Hiram and his wife Jessica at the Kent Farm. Hiram believed in Joe's innocence and helped him get to the Kawatche Caves. As the two departed ways, Hiram told Joe that if he ever needed anything, he knew where to find him.

Relicws 475
Hiram and Joe at the Kawatche Caves.

Later, his grandson Clark Kent started having flashes of Joe's presence in Smallville. When he touched Joe's jacket, he saw Hiram and Jessica help Joe get out of Smallville.


  • Clark told Jonathan what Hiram told "Joe" and suggested that Jonathan and Martha were chosen by Jor-El to raise him because of the love that he felt at the Kent Farm.

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