Hub City
Hub City is a city located in southern Illinois, southeast of St. Louis and north of Cairo, Illinois, 425 miles away from Smallville. [citation needed]

It is known as being the most corrupt city in America surpassing the crime levels of even Gotham City. [citation needed]Clark Kent once ran from Smallville to Hub City quickly enough to find neurosurgeon Dr. Burton and stop him from getting on a plane, whereupon Clark convinced the doctor to treat the terminally-ill Ryan James.

Along with Smallville, Metropolis, Gotham City, Keystone City, Blüdhaven, Coast City, Central City and Themyscira, Hub City is one of the confirmed DC Comics locales to be present in the world of Smallville.


  • Ryan - Clark ran from Smallville to Hub City in time to stop a doctor leaving its airport so he could help Clark's friend, Ryan James.

In the Comics

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Hub City in the comics

  • In the comics, Hub City is the home of DC Comics superhero "The Question," who never appeared on Smallville. The comic book Hawkworld describes it as the most corrupt city in America.

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