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Intangibility is an ability that allows the user to move straight through objects, walls, or even living beings.

  • Martians can phase through walls, people, or other objects.
  • Spirits, because they lack a physical body, can move through walls, and people.

Characters with Intangibility



Season One
Season Three
  • Although not a form of intangibility, Emily Dinsmore could vibrate her body with super-speed to walk through solid objects.
Season Four
  • Dawn Stiles, as a spirit, was able to have solid objects could move through her.[1]
Season Eight
  • Randy Klein, while in his shadow creature persona, could turn intangible at will.
Season Nine
  • When Icicle shot ice at John Jones, John phased and let the ice pass right through him.
Season Ten
  • Bart Allen is able to vibrate though walls according to Toyman.


  1. Martha Kent's car drove through her.

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