Introduction was the first of three columns that Chloe Sullivan wrote for the Daily Planet.


:Greetings, Planeteer.

:Chloe Sullivan, by way of Smallville, Kansas. It's a pleasure to be read. I'll try to return the favor.

:I'm no stranger to columnar communiques,[1] but you'll have to forgive my nerves today. My previous readership equaled attendance at a high school football game -- in the rain. So the warp to a weekly column at the Daily Planet has left me mystified. Kinda like a kid who wakes up and discovers she can fly. All that power (at least I like to think so), but how to wield it? [2]

:So in this first edition, I'm going to convince you and myself that there isn't much that separates Smallville and Metropolis. The farm and the big city.

:I grew up in Metropolis, so my move to Smallville stunned me into a serious case of culture shock. They worry about rain for crops; I worried about the metro flooding. They herd the cattle and eat them; I heard Weezer at the Metrodome and ate it up. Smallville was just a dusty pit stop until I took a job writing for the Torch.

:As a kid in Metropolis I loved to look at the passengers on the Metro and guess where they were going. I walked down the street and imagined what was happening behind each apartment window. I'd stare down alleys and wonder who was sitting in the shadows. Mysteries hooked me and drove me to journalism to find the answers.

:You'd think that drive would stall as soon as I hit a town like Smallville. Turns out big or small doesn't make a difference. When something crops up there's always a rush to explain it away, bury it and forget it. But not me. I'm still fascinated by strange characters, closed curtains and dark shadows.

:And it's that same curiosity that landed me at the Planet. Metropolitans may think they have the monopoly on scandals, blackmail and secrets, but trust me: the gears of small-town corruption can grind and fuse even the most well-meaning citizen into an unwitting piece of the engine.

:I'm here to offer the younger generation's perspective on current events. But don't expect concert reviews and dating tips. Ever since I was a kid, the tougher questions grabbed my attention. That curious little girl got me where I am today, and the worst sin of the age is to forget the trials of our youth.

:This Metropolis transplant has a fresh take on what matters to you, thanks to a small town with secrets. These two desperate cities are connected, at least in my mind, in ways that only time will tell.


  • This was shown in a page of Smallville #4 and reprinted in the trade paperback Smallville: Volume 1.


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  1. Chloe wrote many columns for the Smallville Torch.
  2. Chloe has a similar reaction when she gets the power of empathic healing. In Season Seven's Fracture, she tells Clark, "Out of the entire catalog of meteor abilities, why was I the one chosen to be in charge of such an amazing gift?"

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