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Bullets bouncing off Clark.

Invulnerability is the ability to be impervious to harm and impact wherein most cases with characters with this ability are also immune to all diseases and ailments.

Kryptonian Invulnerability

Unlike a great majority of Kryptonian powers and abilities that manifest because of unknown inner development, invulnerability appears to manifest early on, and much like their superhuman strength, speed, and longevity, this ability seems to become immediately inherent after they are forced to adapt to damage of any kind. Kryptonians don't need to eat, breathe, and can go for very long periods of time before needing to sleep. Fully matured Kryptonians can't be hurt or damaged by virtually anything, like swords, guns, bombs, lasers, any weather anomaly (tornadoes, earthquakes, etc), or even nukes.

Characters and Objects with Invulnerability

  • Clark Kent – Clark's invulnerability has grown stronger over the years he has spent on Earth, to the point where he is now almost fully indestructible. When he was younger, he could walk through fire and come out unharmed, his body was unaffected by warm and cold temperatures, etc. When Tyler Randall touched his face, Clark was in a small amount of pain, but he did not turn into a pile of ash like everyone else who he touched, and shortly after his body healed from the wound quickly.
  • Jor-El – When Jor-El came to Earth in 1961, he showed invulnerability when Lachlan Luthor tried to shoot him. (Relic)
  • Kara – Has shown invulnerability since her time on Earth before being cast into the Phantom Zone. (Kara, Cure, Lara, Blue)
  • Conner Kent – After Tess Mercer tried to kill him, he demonstrated his invulnerability when the injection needle she used bent over his skin.
  • Disciples of Zod – Showed invulnerability when, after they arrived on Earth, they were shot at by the police. (Arrival)
  • General Zod – Demonstrated invulnerability when he took over Lex Luthor's body after being freed from the Phantom Zone. (Zod)
  • Zor-El – Showed invulnerability when he was resurrected as a clone by the blue crystal after Clark punched him out of a window. (Blue)
  • Lara-El – Showed only invulnerability when she was resurrected as a clone by the blue crystal. (Blue)
  • Raya – Her invulnerability did not seem to be as strong as Clark's due to her short time on Earth, but she did possess the other abilities of native Kryptonians. (Fallout)
  • Davis Bloome – His invulnerabilities develop after something kills or harms him. (Bloodline)
Other Aliens
  • Titan – Showed great durability in brutal combat with Clark, taking severe punches, but was vulnerable to his own spike. (Combat)
  • Bizarro – Has shown invulnerability on a level comparable to Clark's, having taken his DNA and created a complete duplicate of Clark (although his prowess with this ability was hampered by his susceptibility to sunlight). (Phantom, Bizarro)
  • Martian Manhunter – Has shown some level of invulnerability, but this has not been explored more as he is rarely seen being hit on-screen.
  • Baern – Showed invulnerability when Raya kicked him out of the barn. (Fallout)
  • Maxima – Possesses a degree of invulnerability, being tough enough to withstand shoves from a Kryptonian. (Instinct)
  • Darkseid -
  • Lana Lang – Gains invulnerability after having the Prometheus suit grafted to her body. (Power)
  • Eric Summers – After he leeches Clark Kent's powers, he displayed this when he shattered the thief's knife. (Leech)
  • Jeremiah Holdsclaw – Was bestowed with Kryptonian powers by the Starblade until he could give it to Naman, but they were taken away once the Starblade was not in his possession. (Talisman)
  • Victor Stone – After being made into a half-bionic machine by LuthorCorp, he was given super human abilities and possessed a great degree of durability to physical harm, but not as durable as Kryptonians. (Cyborg, Justice)

In the Comics

Superman The Man Of Steel

In the comics, invulnerability, or superhuman durability, is a rather rare ability amongst heroes and villains. Superman is extremely resistant to physical assaults, ranked almost as purely indestructible. Under Earth's yellow sun, even Clark's baby garments and the glass that made up his ship were indestructible. It was because of this that Martha sewed his garments together to create the Superman suit and she used the glass to construct his glasses. Doomsday is nigh indestructible and will adapt to anything that harms or kills him. J'onn J'onzz is very durable, and his shapeshifting ability increases his durability capacity. Darkseid is extremely resistant to any form of harm unless other aliens are involved. 

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