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Inza Nelson
Family Kent Nelson (husband, deceased)
Played By Erica Carroll
Status Unknown

Inza Nelson was the wife of Kent Nelson.

Early History

Not much is known about Inza Nelson's early life, save for the fact that she was once married to Kent Nelson and bore witness to him being forcibly institutionalized.

Season Nine

After Kent is arrested and institutionalized against his will due to being connected to Helmet of Nabu and a conspiracy against the Justice Society, Inza later disappeared and was perhaps thought dead. Her loss continued to weigh heavily on the mind of Kent, who shares his pain with the Martian Manhunter, who also lost his wife.

In the Comics

1907066-inza 1

Inza Cramer-Nelson as she appears in the comics.

Inza Nelson was the wife of Kent Nelson and one of several to bear the name of Doctor Fate.

Inza and Kent Nelson's souls, which had been inhabiting Doctor Fate's amulet, were resurrected in new young bodies.[1] However, they found that now only Inza was able to become Doctor Fate. She spent her time striving to improve the lot of humanity, but Kent chided her about her "reckless" use of magic.

She strove to use her new powers pro-actively, unlike Kent, who waited for trouble to manifest before using his powers. Her inexperience initially worked against her, but she grew more competent with experience. Her growing confidence led to increasing recklessness. Kent and Inza eventually separated over her use of the power.


Inza as Doctor Fate.

The Nelsons learned that a Lord of Chaos had taken residence in the Helmet of Nabu and had been providing Inza with magic derived from Chaos instead of Order. This Lord of Chaos was also the reason that they could no longer merge and become Doctor Fate. Kent eventually returned to his wife's side and helped her defeat this Lord of Chaos. Inza then learned that she derived her new powers from the people of Earth, rather than Chaos or Order.

After defeating the Lord of Chaos, the Nelsons began merging as the male Doctor Fate again. The Nelsons retained the ability to become independent Doctor Fates if the situation called for it. In these cases Kent's form would resemble that of the costume he wore when he used the half-helmet.

In their last days as Doctor Fate, the Nelsons, along with the rest of the JSA, faced the super-villain Extant during Parallax's attempt to change the history of the universe. Extant, with seeming ease, caused most of the Justice Society to rapidly approach their proper physical ages. He also separated the Nelsons from the Helmet, Amulet, and cloak. The greatly aged and de-powered Nelsons were returned to Salem and went into retirement.

Other faces of Inza Nelson


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