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Justice Society of America


Field Heroes base
Industry Museum
Administration Carter Hall
Location Unknown (never stated)
Status Operational

Current ResidentsEdit

Former ResidentsEdit

Early HistoryEdit

Very little is known about the early history of the JSA Brownstone. The Justice Society of America made it into their headquarters, in the 1970s. According to Courtney Whitmore, the JSA members viewed the Brownstone as their home away from home. They even used to celebrate Thanksgiving there, together with their spouses and children. Following the disbandment of the JSA, Carter Hall turned the brownstone into a museum.

Season NineEdit

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By 2010, Carter Hall had closed down the Museum. However, he was still living there, together with Kent Nelson. Clark Kent found the Brownstone, but was thrown out by Carter. Later, Kent Nelson brought Courtney Whitmore to the brownstone, where she talked to both Kent and Carter, into helping her. Dr. Fate later teleported Clark back to the Brownstone, where Clark discovered items, belonging to the former members of the JSA and a portrait of them on a wall. Following the defeat of Icicle, Carter tracked down the surviving JSA:ers, their children and protégés, in order to reform the JSA.

Season ElevenEdit

A couple of years later, Clark and Bart Allen visit the JSA Brownstone, being tended to by Ma Hunkel. She lets them past the security measures and Clark takes Bart into the museum honoring the members of the JSA. Bart recalls that this was Carter's group but wonders how any of the artifacts will help them with his problem with the "speed demon". Clark explains they are there to begin a search for the first hero to break the sound barrier on foot, Jay Garrick.

In the ComicsEdit

Brownstone was a base for the Justice Society of America. All of them lived there, and during the events of Thy
The Brownstone as it appears in the comics
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Kingdom Come, more recruits were brought in. In the same comic book storyline, Brownstone was attacked and left ruined, and had to be rebuilt. There is a place to spar i Brownstone, what Wildcat and his son did on many occasions.




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