Janet Dawson
Occupation Reporter (Political Correspondent) Daily Planet
Played By Laura Mennell
Status Alive
Last Seen Finale, Part 2
Janet Dawson ID

Janet Dawson is a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Early life

At some point in her life, Janet became a Political Correspondent Reporter for the Daily Planet.


Janet appeared to be skeptical of Heroes and particularly of The Blur. She also appears to be quite arrogant and self serving as shown when she refused to talk to the president not to nuke the meteor ascending since it was actually a planet & not heeding Lois's warning.

Season Ten

Janet was chosen to interview The President of the United States when the Air Force-one landed. Lois tried to convince Janet to talk to the president to not nuke the meteor as it wasn't a small fragment but an actual Planet coming towards the earth. But Janet shrugged her and was knocked out by Lois in return.
Janet Shrugging Lois



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