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Jason Dante
Occupation Mechanic, Street-Racer, Bookie
Played By Ryan Merriman
Status Deceased

Jason Dante was a young mechanic who managed to use meteor rocks as a fuel additive in race cars.


Season Three

Velocityws 024

Dante and Pete trick out the Mustang.

Dante taught Pete Ross how to illegally street race. When Pete started winning, he became known as Pete "The Boss" Ross. However, when Dante told Pete to throw a race, Pete refused. Dante then lost $20,000 in bets, and threatened to kill Pete if he didn't reimburse him his losses. Clark tried to stop Dante by giving the sheriff evidence that Dante was stealing cars, but Dante had a deputy on his payroll, and was able to hide the stolen cars before the raid on his barn. Dante assumed that it was Pete that sent the sheriff, so he beat him up and threatened to kill his parents if he didn't repay his $20,000 debt. [1]

Clark went to Lex Luthor to borrow the money, but Lex said "in my experience, money-hungry thugs are like stray dogs. You feed them once, they're at your back door every night asking for more." With that he left, and Clark decided to steal Lex's Porsche to use as the prize in the next street race. This street race, would be for either the car (should Dante win), or forgiveness of Pete's debt (should Pete win). Clark planned on using his heat vision to overheat Dante's engine, allowing Pete to win the race. [1]

Things got complicated when Clark overheard Dante speaking to someone else about a bomb set in Pete's car, which would detonate once he reached a speed of 100 mph. Clark attempted to intervene, but was knocked out with a Kryptonite tank to the head. Dante locked him in Pete's trunk, and was unable to move due to his proximity to the Kryptonite tubing. When Pete used all of his fuel additive, Clark managed to sever Pete's fuel line, creating a leak on the road, causing Dante to lose control of his car and fatally crash. [1]


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