Jason Teague had a number of near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Jason neardeath 4x04 Devoted Jason was in the locker room when Danny appeared with a shotgun. Danny started to fire at Jason, but Clark arrived just in time to save him and disarm Danny.
Jason neardeath 3 4x08 Spell Jason, whom Isobel had thrown out the window after he attempted to burn her spellbook upon realizing that she was now in possession of Lana's body.
410Smallville0090 4x10 Scare Jason dreamed about Lana discovering the true reason he came to Smallville. Lana started making out with Clark, claiming that it was a mistake that they broke up. Jason then came in and started beating up Clark for stealing Lana from him. After seeing this, Lana took a pair of scissors and stabed him, causing him to fall from the Kents' loft.
412Smallville0375 4x12 Pariah In his car about to leave, Jason was attacked from behind. A green scarf was pulled around his neck by an unknown assailant. He managed to hit the car horn until Clark came out and saved him.
Sacred3 4x15 Sacred Jason was tortured along with Lex Luthor by the local police of China in their search of one of the Stones of Power.
Jason-teague neardeath9 4x21 Forever Jason was shot by Lionel Luthor, but Jason only just survived.
5 4x22 Commencement Jason died during the second meteor shower.


  • Jason's life has been at risk 7 times until the Season Four finale, Commencement.
  • Jason's life has been at risk the least out of all the main characters.
  • Clark has saved Jason's life 3 times: Devoted, Spell and Pariah.