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Javier Ramirez
Family Esperanza Ramirez (Mother)
Occupation Immigrant Worker (McNally Farm)
Played By Tyler Posey
Status Alive
Last Seen Subterranean
"Why didn't I give this [necklace] to Francisco?" - Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez was one of the many slaves on Jed McNally's farm.

Early life

Javier was born in Mexico, and saved up enough for money for two years to go to America and find his mother. Unfortunately, he wound up at McNally's farm, illegally.

Season Six

Javier managed to escape, his good friend Francisco was not as lucky. Javier met Clark Kent, who helped him expose McNally and find his mother in Granville.

When the police wanted to arrest Javier as an illegal immigrant, Clark took him away using his super speed. With help from Martha Kent, Javier would be able to stay in the country as a legal citizen.

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