Jed McNally
Occupation Farmer
Powers and
Burrowing through the ground by displacing minerals
Played By John Novak
Status Comatose

Jed McNally was a metahuman that owned a farm near the Kent Farm.

Physical Appearance

Jed is a rather tall man, who often wore dark-brown clothing and a hat while he was on the job managing his farm. He has the build and mass of a man of his size, who engages in daily manual labor and work.


Jed had a very rustic personallity, claiming that his farmland is his lively hood. Clark described him as a very kind person, but after being caught for murdering countless immigrants, he becomes very angry. Chloe points out that Kryptonite Infection has this effect on almost all of it's victims. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Burrowing: Jed could burrow into the ground by displacing the soil's minerals, often leaving a loud noise in the process, as well as he seemed to have mastered this ability.

Jed owned a farm located somewhere in the small town of Smallville, Kansas, and as a farmer, he appeared to have been very talented in organic/fertilizer-related material.

Early Life

During the 2005 meteor shower, McNally was buried down in the ground and exposed to kryptonite radiation. Missing for three days, McNally gained the ability to dig underground incredibly quickly. He was brought into Level 33.1 at LuthorCorp by Lex Luthor, until he was released and allowed to go back to his farm.

Season Six

McNally began holding migrant laborers captive and forcing them to work on his farm, including Javier Ramirez. When some of his workers tried to escape, he used his tunneling powers to trap them underground. McNally was found out by Clark Kent and when Javier escaped custody, he vowed revenge against Clark and Javier. When McNally came for Clark, he was unable to kill him as easily as he had the migrant laborers: McNally was shot out of the ground and knocked unconscious. McNally was then returned to Level 33.1 in a coma.