Jeremiah H
Jeremiah Holdsclaw
Occupation Graduate Student (Central Kansas A&M)
Powers and
Super strength, Super speed, Invulnerability, Heat vision (when in possession of Starblade)
Played By Nathaniel Arcand
Status Comatose

Jeremiah Holdsclaw was a college-graduate student at Central Kansas A&M and a teaching assistant of Professor Joseph Willowbrook.

Physical Appearance

Jeremiah is dark-skinned young man, wears glasses, and is often seen in dark clothing, like black or brown.

Powers and Abilities

While in possession of the Starblade, Jeremiah was granted powers similar to that of Naman's: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and heat vision. However, these powers were intoxicating and caused his judgment to become clouded. [1]

  • Super strength: Jeremiah was temporarily granted strength comparable to that of a teenage Kryptonian. He could send grown men flying with his bare hands, overpower other humans, and could uproot trees and use them as clubs.
  • Super speed: Jeremiah was capable of running faster than the human eye could see or follow, allowing him to cover long distances and disappear/appear instantly. He could also enter Clark time with Clark, allowing him to stab Clark even while they were both moving at superhuman speeds.
  • Invulnerability: Jeremiah was invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. Jeremiah was capable of withstanding the impact of bullets and Clark's super strong blows.
Talismanws 146

Jeremiah using his heat vision.

  • Heat vision: Jeremiah was capable of shooting fire from his eyes.
  • Healing factor: Jeremiah wore glasses before he touched the blade, but after contact with weapon, he didn't seem to need them.


Early life

Like Professor Willowbrook, Jeremiah was a descendant of the Native American Kawatche Indians. He was writing a dissertation on the "slumbering place," an ancient Kawatche burial ground. [1]

Season Three

Normal talisman007

Jeremiah and Joseph.

Jeremiah and Joseph Willowbrook go to the Kawatche caves to converse with Lionel Luthor because he summoned them both to ask them some questions about the underground caverns. Upon their arrival, Lionel unearths a Kryptonian dagger traditionally known as Palak, also called the Starblade, but Jeremiah, seeing the potential danger it would cause in the hands of Lionel, steals it and activates its core, endowing him with superhuman powers similar to the abilities Kryptonians get under a yellow sun. [1]

Talismanws 017

Jeremiah with the Palak.

Jeremiah, upon activating the blades powers, withstands bullets and super speeds away. As time progresses, Jeremiah, still while in possession of the blade, begins to poise (express) pride and eventually thinks that he is the true Naman and that he has been called to slay Sageeth. [1]

Talismanws 127

Clark and Professor Willowbrook try to stop Jeremiah.

Upon learning from professor Joseph Willowbrook that Jeremiah bears the ancient weapon Palak, they both head to a burial ground where Jeremiah is seen conducting a ritual. There, Jeremiah and Clark discuss Sageeth, and Clark uses his heat vision ability to heat up the blade but Jeremiah smiles and touches the blade without gaining any injury, then Jeremiah shoots heat beams from his eyes. [1]

Talismanws 213

Jeremiah stabs Clark.

Later, Jeremiah travels to the Kents' Barn where he confronts Clark. Clark, assuming the Green kryptonite affects him like it does to all Kryptonians, uses a meteor rock and it glows in their presence but Jeremiah is unaffected and he hurls the stone away and they fight, and he stabs Clark with the dagger, giving him a permanent wound or scar. When Jonathan and Martha arrive home they see their son on the ground. Then, Jor-El through his vessel Jonathan, heals Clark's wound. [1]

Talismanws 324

Jeremiah is defeated.

The next day, Clark wakes up and talks with his parents. He then super speeds to stop Jeremiah. Thinking that Lionel is the true Sageeth, Jeremiah attempts to kill him but Clark intervens and they fight. Clark eventually wins and Jeremiah is left comatose, because Clark collided with him at super speed when he wasn't holding the knife and therefore had no superpowers at the time.[1]


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