Jeremy Creek
Powers and
Electricity manipulation, decelerated aging
Played By Adrian McMorran
Status Alive
Last Seen 2001 (Pilot)
"I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for you and for all the others like us." - Jeremy Creek, to Clark Kent, Pilot'

Jeremy Creek, aka The Electric Scarecrow, was a metahuman with the ability to manipulate electricity until he was cured. He is also known as 1989's Scarecrow.

Physical Appearance

Due to being in a 12 year coma, all of Jeremy's vital organs were in a static state of hibernation, which prevented Jeremy from aging. He has the look of a 14 year old boy (he was 14 in 1989 during the meteor shower), has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. His nose structure is very bony as well.

What he wore as a scarecrow was only brown/white striped boxer shorts. After he came back, electrically powered, he sported a gray hoodie, a blue denim shirt, a hospital wristband (showing that he was in a coma), black jeans and black shoes.

Powers and Abilities

After being exposed to a close-range blast of meteorites, Jeremy's body suffered from an electrolyte-imbalance, causing his cells to channel and store electricity.

While in a 12 year coma, all of his body's vital organs were in a static state of hibernation, preventing Jeremy from aging until an electrical storm hit the hospital keeping his body. An electrical surge hit his organs and restarted his entire body, waking every part of him to a new life.

Smallville101 735

Jeremy electrocutes Clark.

  • Electricity manipulation - He is able to release then discharge electricity from his body, causing shocking damage or changes to whatever he touches, like when he used it to start a car. His power, however had little effect on Clark, as the latter barely registered it.
  • Longevity - Jeremy suffered in a coma for twelve years by the meteor shower. Until when he woke up, he had not aged at all.
  • Invulnerability- Jeremy is temporarily invulnerable to objects. When Clark threw him onto a car, he got up immediately and only felt a small amount of pain, but showed no expression of harm on him.


Smallville101 756

Jeremy is electrocuted.

Jeremy was not immune to water and his own electrical powers. He electrocuted himself, losing his memory and his powers. His powers also had no effect on Clark Kent.

Early life

"Help me. Help me, please!" - Jeremy Creek, to Lex Luthor, Pilot
Jeremy and Lex

Lex finds Jeremy strung up like a scarecrow.

Jeremy was an innocent victim of the Smallville Crows 'Scarecrow' joke when he was a freshman in 1989. When meteors plunged into the nearby fields where he was strung up, the blast shocked his system. He was taken to a hospital where he laid in a coma for 12 years.

Season One


Jeremy seeks vengeance.

An extreme unbalance in Jeremy's electrolyte levels kept him from aging and made him susceptible to an electrical storm which hit the hospital's generator. Jeremy escaped with the ability to manipulate electricity. He set off for Smallville to exact revenge upon those who tormented him as a child.


Jeremy returns to normal.

After putting the three football players who strung him up into a coma or killing them, he found Clark Kent had been strung up as well. Disappointed that nothing had changed, he planned to kill everyone at the school dance by turning on the sprinklers and electrocuting them. Clark tried to stop him. During the fight, Jeremy drove at Clark and rammed into a water line. The car filled with water and he electrified himself, causing him to lose his memory and his powers. Clark went up to help him, with Jeremy asking who he (Clark) was and where they are. He also tells Clark that he wants to go home.




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