Jesse Hutch 01

Jesse Hutch 2011

Redux 027

Jesse Hutch as Troy Turner in seasons 1 and 2


Jesse Hutch as Billy Durden in season 4

Jesse Hutch is a Canadian actor. He was born on February 12, 1981, in Alberta, as Jesse James Hutchakowski.

Jesse grew up in Canada and worked for four years as a water raft guide before started his career as an actor.

In the Smallville TV series, Jesse Hutch portrayed two different characters:

He is also known from recurring appearances in other TV series, among others

  • in American Dreams as Jimmy Riley (2002-2004),
  • in Kyle XY as Nate Harrison (2009),
  • in True Justice as Johnny Garcia (2012),
  • in Arrow as Officer Daily (since 2013),

and starred in various TV filmes.

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