Normal 806Smallville0023
Jesse Watts
Occupation Student
Powers and
Ice Manipulation
Played By Max Train
Status Alive

Jesse Watts is a metahuman with the ability to freeze liquids.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ice and Cold Manipulation: Jesse could remotely turn water into ice. This power did not appear to require him to touch the water; he was able to turn it into ice remotely.

Season Eight

Jesse attended Chloe Sullivan's group therapy session at the Isis Foundation. Jesse used his power to turn Mary Pierson's drink into ice as a prank, as she talked about how her own metahuman power surfaced. However Mary got him back by using her power on Jesse and suddenly turning up the volume to maximum on his walkman.

Later Jesse attended the vigil on the street corner where Mary was killed, along with the rest of the counseling group.


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