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Jessica Kent
Family Hiram Kent (husband, deceased), Jonathan Kent (son, deceased), Martha Kent (daughter-in-law), Clark Kent, (adopted grandson)
Played By Kendall Cross
Status Deceased

Jessica Kent was the mother of Jonathan Kent and the wife of Hiram Kent.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Early lifeEdit

She was born sometime in the 1920s, Jessica gave Martha Kent, her daughter-in-law, a necklace on her wedding day.

Season ThreeEdit

Relicws 396
Hiram and Jessica help "Joe".

After Louise McCallum was killed, her accused murderer "Joe" came across Hiram and his wife Jessica at the Kent Farm. Jessica gave Joe one of Hiram's jackets so he wouldn't stand out. Before leaving the farm with Joe, Hiram said goodbye to Jessica and their unborn child "Gene" but she insisted his name would be Jonathan.


  • Clark told Jonathan what Hiram told "Joe" and suggested that Jonathan and Martha were chosen by Jor-El to raise him because of the love that he felt at the Kent Farm.
  • Kendra Cross was the voice of Lara-El in Memoria.
  • Jessica Kent has the same initials as her son Jonathan Kent: J.K.

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