"Then kill me. Because you've taken everything from me, all that's left is scar tissue" - Jimmy to Davis (Beast)

Jimmy and Davis

Jimmy Olsen and Davis Bloome had a relationship that turned rather bitter, due to the fact that they were both in love with the same woman.

Season Eight

"I'd never hurt Chloe. She, uh... She - she saved me..."
"No way. Now, Chloe might be a sucker for the strange, but she's not crazy." -Davis Bloome and Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy and Davis met

Jimmy first met Davis at Metropolis General Hospital and learned of him through his girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan. Davis was at first defensive given that he was spending time with Chloe, but Jimmy let him knew that everything was ok. He then asked Davis if he knew anything about a recent attack on the Ace of Clubs. Davis denied knowing anything. Jimmy then asked if he can ride along with him in his rig so he could be first on the scene. Davis was reluctant but Jimmy got him to agree by asking if he would do it for Chloe. Jimmy and Davis later set off but soon got a call to a "4-11" call. Davis heard a noise in an alley. He instructed Jimmy to stay by the ambulance and went to check it out. Jimmy thought he heard Davis call out and got a flashlight to follow him. Clark Kent then arrived at the scene and found neither Davis nor Jimmy around. Davis stumbled into view, covered in blood and injured. Clark asked where Jimmy was but Davis was pulled away by a fast-moving, smoky blur. Clark tried to track the two of them down and saw the blur choking Davis, but it fleed when it saw Clark. Jimmy then came out of hiding and they looked for the creature together. When Clark's back was turned, the creature pulled Jimmy away behind some dumpsters, where another victim laid. Clark saw the creature attack Jimmy and threw a tire toknock it out. The creature changed back into a person and was revealed to be Randy Klein. Jimmy was shaken but not hurt. Davis was on his feet, but more seriously injured.

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Davis does the right thing by helping Chloe and give her to Jimmy.

Davis went to Chloe's apartment with his RSVP to her and Jimmy's upcoming wedding but really hoping to see her again. Jimmy opened the door and Davis told him about Chloe's amnesic behavior that morning. After Davis asked and Jimmy told him how much he loves Chloe, Davis said he wouldn't be able to attend the wedding. Chloe later ended up going missing and Clark and Jimmy were doing their best to find her. Clark then found Davis arriving with Chloe at the Talon. However, Chloe, only remembered Davis and was fearful of Clark and also Jimmy. She started to panic, so Davis injected her with a sedative and left her in Clark and Jimmy's hands. Davis later admitted his true feelings for Chloe behind Jimmy's back and said to her that he couldn't go to the wedding because he couldn't bear to watch her marry the wrong man.


Jimmy tries to stop Doomsday

Davis ended up crashing Chloe and Jimmy's wedding at the Kent barn in his Kryptonian persona of Doomsday. Jimmy tried to stop Davis in his monstrous form, but he ripped open Jimmy's chest with one blow. Jimmy fell into a coma and Davis proceeded to take Chloe away.

For weeks Jimmy had nightmares about the wedding and his injury. He was transferred from Star City to Met. Gen. He went into the hallway to ask

Jimmy captures Davis

for more pain medication. He was approached by a man frantically running down the hall. Jimmy followed the man to the end of the hallway and saw him caught by a hooded figure in an elevator. The figure killed the man and turned to face Jimmy to be none other than Davis. Jimmy told Chloe he saw Davis kill someone. Davis then arrived and said he spent the past six hours being interrogated by police because of Jimmy's accusation. He explained that a drunk driving suspect was loose in the hospital after his arrest and that Jimmy was also found, wandering around and out of it. He said Jimmy's pain pump was faulty and giving him double doses. Chloe was skeptical and Jimmy denied it, but Davis said the doctors and nurses will verify it. He excused himself and Chloe followed him out to apologize for Jimmy. Davis thought Jimmy was targeting him because Davis kissed her, but Chloe said she never told Jimmy about that. Davis says he was moving on but would still be friends. Chloe started to cry and admited that she wonders whether, if Jimmy had never met her, he wouldn't be having these problems. Davis gave her a comforting hug, as Jimmy spied on them from his room. Jimmy snuck into Davis's ambulance rig and looked around. He found the drunk driver's body stashed in the back. He was so shocked, he jumps back and crashed into a glass compartment, cutting his hand. Davis caught him snooping, wondering if he was looking for more pain medication. Jimmy accused him of killing the drunk driver and stashing the body, and Davis implicitly admitted it but countering that the driver had killed innocent people. Jimmy was shocked and Davis suddenly injected Jimmy with something to knock him out. Jimmy awoke in his hospital bed, hearing Chloe screaming his name. He tried to find her in the hospital and found her running for her life. She locked herself in an exam room and Jimmy watches in horror as the creature from their wedding seemingly murdered her. Jimmy was screaming and pounding at the door when the doctors and nurses, along with Davis tried to calm him down. When Chloe arrived on the scene, unharmed, he realized that he was hallucinating. Davis was watching a criminal break into a building when he was hit on the head with a pipe by Jimmy. He was stunned and Jimmy handcuffed him to a chain-link fence. Jimmy confronted him and told him he knew he wasn't hallucinating when he found the dead body in Davis's rig, because the cut on his palm is still there, and he again accused him of murdering the drunk driver. Jimmy had called Chloe because he wanted Davis to confess to her. Jimmy thought Davis was trying to steal Chloe away from him. Davis began to transform and warned Jimmy to leave. He broke out one of the handcuffs. Jimmy prepared to hit him again but was tasered unconscious by Chloe. Afterwards Jimmy's relationship with Chloe deterriorated because she felt she had takened Davis's side over his. Keen to getting revenge on Davis, Jimmy left a note for Tess Mercer suggesting she look into him.

Jimmy provokes Davis

Davis attacked Jimmy and Oliver Queen and held them captive in the Talon basement. Chloe called Davis and he told her what had happened and Jimmy heard Davis talk about leaving Smallville with Chloe and learned that Davis was the beast at the wedding. Devastated, Jimmy began to taunt Davis but Oliver tried to cool them off. Davis grabbed Jimmy and his eyes turned red as he started to almost crush Jimmy's skull, but he stopped when Oliver shouted that Chloe would never forgive him for killing Jimmy. Davis then knocked Jimmy unconscious and decided to kill Oliver instead. Clark then arrived saving Oliver and Jimmy and taking Davis away. Chloe came to find paramedics are taking Jimmy out on a stretcher and he told her to stay away from "that monster"

Jimmy snuck into Tess's office at the Daily Planet per Oliver's instructions to get the location of Chloe and Davis as Tess had been tracking them. There he found Lois Lane trying to do the same thing. He searched

Davis kills Jimmy

through Tess's files and found the tracker on Chloe and Davis, and then left while communicating with Oliver and giving the location to Ollie and his team. Jimmy arrived in Edge City were Chloe and Davis were. There he finds Clark and learns his secret and Clark admits to being the Red-Blue Blur and compliments Jimmy on putting it all together, as well as being right about Davis. Clark told him that he needed his help, and that he should get Chloe and Davis to a safe place being Jimmy's wedding present for Chloe that he never gave her. Jimmy later took Chloe and the unconscious Davis separated from his other half, Doomsday to his "wedding present", a loft apartment overlooking Metropolis called 'the Watchtower'. Chloe told Jimmy that she only went with Davis to save Clark, and he said that he now understood everything, and they embraced and kissed. Chloe told Jimmy that she's sorry she went away with Davis but that she never really left him. Jimmy smiled and Chloe kissed him passionately. However, at that moment, Jimmy was stabbed from behind by Davis, who had overheard that Chloe wasn't really going to start a life with him, that all her actions were to protect Clark, and that even she did not love him. Out of his mind with pain and anger, Davis went to attack Chloe, but Jimmy, using his remaining strength, tackled Davis onto a spike, killing him, before collapsing in Chloe's arms. Jimmy uses his remaining breath to tell Chloe that he loves her, and then died.


  • The fight between Jimmy and Davis in their last meeting is reminiscent of the Superman vs. Doomsday fight of the comics. As in the comics, the two combatants kill each other. Also, Jimmy and Superman both died in the arms of their lover.
  • Jimmy and Davis's relationship is very similar to Clark and Lex's, which also ended in an hostile rivalry. Also Lex and Oliver, Lex and Lionel, Clark and Zod and lastly Lionel and Jonathan.
  • Chloe was the last person who saw Jimmy and Davis alive.