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Jodi Melville
Family Mr. Melville (father)
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Hyper-accelerated metabolism, fat absorption
Played By Amy Adams
Status Alive

Jodi Melville was a somewhat overweight teenager and a metahuman with the ability to absorb fat.


Jodi was a young woman who was obsessed with becoming thin, submitting occasional articles to the Smallville Torch and possessing a slight crush on Pete Ross due to him being one of the few people at school to be nice to her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jodi's face distorts as she appears to devour the deer.
  • Fat absorption: After eating nutrient shakes laced with green kryptonite, Jodi gained the ability to suck peoples' fat from their body.
  • Hyper-accelerated metabolism: After drinking the nutrient shakes laced with green kryptonite, Jodi gained the ability to digest foods and lose fat faster, although the side-effect of this makes her more hungry.

Season OneEdit

Smallville107 039
A fat Jodi.
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Her latest diet plan included vegetable shakes in which she unknowingly used meteor rock-infected vegetables. The results were dramatic; she lost 60 pounds in two days, but she was so hungry she had to suck the fat out of other people like a vampire, her body losing fat too fast for regular food to keep up.

She devoured a deer after she hit it with her car and subsequently put Dustin Crenshaw, who had teased her when she was fat, into a coma, his body unable to cope with the rapid loss of fat; she may have even killed him if Clark Kent hadn't followed them and forced her to flee.

Smallville107 592
Jodi attacks Pete.
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

She was nearly driven to eat Pete when she suffered another hunger attack while preparing to attend a dance, but Clark interrupted her before she could finish. She battled Clark in the meteor rock-laced greenhouse, the meteors rendering him weak enough for her to knock him down with a shovel. Just as she was about to kill Clark, the sight of her reflection drove her to try and kill herself by triggering a gas explosion in the greenhouse by destroying the ultraviolet lights after breaking open the gas pipes. Despite his weakness, Clark managed to save her, him and Pete subsequently taking her to Metropolis General Hospital.

Alternate RealitiesEdit

Season Eleven (Earth-2)Edit

Superman RS Ultraman smallvilleseason1133-smj3c
Greg Arkin, Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville chased by Clark Luthor.
Ironman29758Added by Ironman29758

Jodi was killed on her graduation day at Smallville High by Clark Luthor along with several other meteor-infected people including Justin Gaines and Greg Arkin.

Superman RS Ultraman smallvilleseason1133-gzj6h
Clark Luthor murders Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville on their Graduation day. Greg Arkin tries to get help from his bugs.
Ironman29758Added by Ironman29758



  • Jodi's powers reflects her desire to become thin.
MoS Lois Lane 01
Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel".
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Jodi Melville was portrayed by Amy Adams, who also played the leading role of Lois Lane in Man of Steel.
  • Jodi was the first meteor freak who was actively reluctant to kill others despite possessing a hostile power; Sean Kelvin, who (like Jodi) drew what he lacked from others to survive - body heat in his case - actually seemed eager to absorb the heat from others despite his knowledge that it would kill them, regardless of their identities, but Jodi's only pre-selected victim was Dustin, who she had already had a grudge against for his past treatment of her, with the deer and Pete only being attacked because she was too 'hungry' to resist when they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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