John Chisholm is a writer for Smallville. He has written the following episode:

Season Nine

  • Checkmate (directed by Tim Scanlan) - Tess creates an elaborate hoax in order to kidnap Green Arrow and delivers him to Amanda Waller, who tells him that that the government is recruiting him to serve his country. However, Green Arrow escapes before they can reveal his identity. After Oliver brings Clark and Chloe up to speed, the three investigate and Clark is surprised to find John Jones investigating Oliver's kidnapping too. Clark senses that John is keeping information from him. Oliver and Clark are shocked when Tess reveals that Amanda is after something called "Watchtower." Waller threatens to kill Chloe unless Clark gives her the names and locations of the rest of the Justice League.

Season Ten

  • Patriot (directed by Tom Welling) - In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade Wilson. Aquaman and his new wife Mera team up with Clark to free Oliver. Lois is frustrated when Clark continues to push aside her offers to help the team and sets out to prove she can play with the big boys.
  • Dominion (directed by Justin Hartley)


  • John was initially a member of the production crew, and hired as a freelance writer for the episode Checkmate. [citation needed]
  • John joined the official writing staff for Season Ten. [citation needed]
  • John Chisholm shares the same last name as the insane doctor from Season Nine's Conspiracy, Bernard Chisholm.
  • John is one of the only writers that has written episodes for two cast members directing an episode in the series (he is the only one officially in having written 2 episodes only for 2 cast members directing in one whole season.)

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