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Jonathan's watch face
Jonathan's watch.

"You stole my dad's watch, and I want it back." - Clark Kent, to Snake, Vengeance

Jonathan Kent's watch was a wedding gift given to him by Martha Kent.

Early HistoryEdit

Jonathan wore his watch throughout their marriage, teaching Clark how to tell time with it. (Vengeance)

Season FiveEdit

Jonathan's watch back
The inscription on the back of the watch reads "To JK, the love of my life. MK".

After his death, Martha gave the watch to Clark, saying Jonathan would have wanted him to have it. However, Clark rejected it, because he felt responsible for his father's death.

Soon afterward, the watch was stolen from Martha by gang members in Metropolis. Learning of this, Clark regretted not having taken the watch, and vowed to retrieve it. With the help of Andrea Rojas, Clark found those responsible for the theft, but they had already pawned it. Lana Lang searched every pawn shop until she found it and gave it back to Clark.

Season NineEdit

Clark recognizes Jonathan's watch in the Alia's arm..
David KaiqueAdded by David Kaique

Clark is shocked to discover that the assassin attacking him is wearing his father's watch... set one year in the future. She tells him that Clark gave it to her himself.

Season TenEdit

Clark buried Jonathan's watch next to his father's grave.
David KaiqueAdded by David Kaique

Clark let go of the blame he feels over his father's death, and buries his father's watch at his tombstone at Smallville Cemetery. (Homecoming)

Alternate FutureEdit

In the alternate future, Clark bargained his father's watch for Lois' life with Alia.


  • Clark currently wears the watch daily in remembrance of his father. It was prominently featured in Vengeance and Promise. It has also been seen in almost every episode since Season Five.
  • The watch's design was changed between Season Eight and Season Nine. Before the watch was an octagon shape with a brown face, in Season 9, the watch had a circular shape with a black face.
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