Jonathan's life has been threatened on several occasions over the course of the series.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
X01pilothdmkv 000444903 1x01 Pilot Jonathan and Martha were ambushed by the first meteor shower that hit Smallville while driving home. One of the meteorites fell in front of them, causing their truck to turn over. Both escaped unharmed.
Smallville115 182 1x15 Nicodemus Infected by the Nicodemus flower, Jonathan almost died from being shot as a bank robber but Clark stopped him. Later, he almost died because of the effects of the flower but was saved by Lex.
Smallville121 572 1x21 Tempest Jonathan left the Storm cellar during the tornado that crossed Smallville in order to catch Roger Nixon.
Smallville201 424 2x01 Vortex After the Tornado passed, Nixon tried to kill Jonathan but Lex saved him.
Smallville220 402 2x20 Witness

Thugs strung up Jonathan and Martha against the wall in the barn 20 feet in the air.
X23exodus720pmkv 001802843 2x23 Exodus A shockwave, a result of the explosion of Clark's ship, overturned the truck with Jonathan and Martha inside.
Smallville312 778 3x12 Hereafter Jonathan suffered a heart attack in the barn and collapsed. He was found by Clark.
Smallville315 355 3x15 Resurrection When Jonathan was recommended to have bypass surgery, Garrett Davis threatened to blow up the Smallville Medical Center while the surgery was being performed.
Smallville317 025 3x17 Legacy Jonathan began to hear the beacon noise made by the key and fell off the barn roof, but Clark was able to save him.
Smallville322 691 3x22 Covenant Jor-El threatened to kill Jonathan with a rope of energy if Clark would not go with him.
S04e01crusade720pmkv 000531196 4x01 Crusade Jonathan fell into coma after his encounter with Jor-El in the caves. He was saved by Martha.
E06transference720pmkv 001779819 4x06 Transference When Lionel inhabited Clark´s body, he almost kills Jonathan.
Smallville410 353 4x10 Scare Jonathan among others were infected with a synthetic toxin which escaped from LuthorCorp. Clark saved them.
E14krypto720pmkv 001331746 4x14 Krypto Jonathan was attacked by a super-strong Rottweiler, but Shelby saved him.
X22commencement720pmkv 002313811 4x22 Commencement Jonathan and Martha were held hostage in their house by Jason Teague who threatened to kill Martha. A second meteor shower hit the Kent house with all of them inside.
502Smallville0520 5x02 Mortal Jonathan, Martha and Lana were taken hostage by three meteor freaks but Clark rescued them.
507Smallville0432 5x07 Splinter A paranoid Clark assaulted his parents and almost killed Jonathan but Chloe subdued him before he can.
E10fanatic720pmkv 001973432 5x10 Fanatic Samantha Drake attempted to kill Jonathan twice but he was saved by Clark on both occasions.
X12reckoning720pmkv 002179013 5x12 Reckoning After learning the results of the senatorial election, Jonathan had a final confrontation with Lionel Luthor and finally had a heart attack and died in his family's arms.

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