This article is about Jonathan Kent of Earth-2. For his Earth doppelganger, see Jonathan Kent.

Jonathan Kent
Family Martha Kent (ex-wife)
Occupation Former farmer (Kent Farm)
Played By John Schneider
Status Deceased
Last Seen Kent
"You don't even know me. I'm just an obsessed man hanging onto a place as if memories could make up a lifetime. " - Jonathan to Clark, Kent

Jonathan Kent is Jonathan Kent's doppelganger from Earth-2.

Physical Appearance

Jonathan Kent of Earth-2 looked near identical to his Earth-1 counterpart, with some differences. This Jonathan looked much more disheveled and unkempt than Jonathan of Earth-1. When he visited Martha, he definitely looked more clean.


When it comes down to it, Jonathan was essentially an angry and broken man. He holds an intense hatred of the Queens for buying his farm in order to mine for Kryptonite. After Martha left him due to his obsessive hatred towards Oliver Queen, Jonathan's mental state likely detoriated further. Deep down however, Jonathan was a good man, broken by his many misfortunes. After Clark Kent's brief time on Earth-2, Jonathan appeared to have made an effort to better himself, visiting Martha to patch things up.

Early life

He was the owner of the Kent Farm until the meteor shower that brought Clark Luthor to Earth, causing his crops to burn and him to lose track of the bills until Oliver Queen bought his farm to mine it for Kryptonite. (Kent)

Season Ten


Jonathan in Oliver's funeral.

When Clark Kent was sent to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor, he encountered an alternate version of his father, at Oliver Queen's funeral. This version of Jonathan has a completely different personality than what Clark Kent had grown to know. This universe's Jonathan was a broken and angry man who lives on the abandoned Kent farm alone. This Jonathan was also separated from Martha, who couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed, being a shadow of his former self.


Jonathan attacks Clark.

He hated the Queens for buying his farm during the first meteor shower after it was destroyed. Clark followed Jonathan back to the broken down Kent Farm where Jonathan knocked him out using green kryptonite. Jonathan, thinking that this was Clark Luthor, told him that he knew Clark came from the meteor shower and that he had found a heap of gold kryptonite.


Jonathan holds Clark prisoner.

Clark explained to Jonathan that he was not Ultraman, as well as he was from a universe where Jonathan and Martha had raised him, as well as that he could prove it by showing him his grandfather's shotgun and reciting a quote that Jonathan had told him. Jonathan, finally believing Clark, let him go as well as wishing him luck and calling him "son" before Clark was unwillingly pulled back into his reality by Lois and Emil.


Jonathan visits Martha.

Later, Jonathan, now with a cleaned up look, went to go see Martha Kent at her apartment in Metropolis.

Season Eleven

Before she died, the Chloe Sullivan of Earth-2 revealed that her planet had been destroyed by the Monitors, meaning that Jonathan was more than likely killed as well.

In the Comics


Jonathan Kent of Earth-3 as he appears in the comics.

Jonathan Kent of Earth-3, the Earth traditionally associated with Ultraman, made his debut in the New 52's story arc Forever Evil.

Jonathan "Jonny" Kent moved along with his wife, Martha, to Smallville to get rich but because the gold mines closed down and their house was in foreclosure they were broke. One day, while the abusive couple was fighting, blaming and trying to kill each other for their own failures, Kal-Il's rocket landed on their house almost destroying it and as a result Jonny also lost his right hand. For several years, Kal-Il forced the Kents to become his parents until the time when they tried to escape the farm. Then the seven year old boy, now named Clark Kent, decided he didn't need them anymore so he killed the Kents and buried them in the cornfield. After that, he burned the farm down and left.


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