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Joseph Cavanagh
Family Ruth Cavanagh (wife), Charlotte Cavanagh (daughter), Esther Cavanagh (daughter, deceased)
Played By Ron Lea
Status Incarcerated
Last Seen 2010 (Harvest)

Joseph Cavanagh was the leader of the congregation that lives at Meeker Springs.

Early lifeEdit

His oldest daughter Esther was killed during the meteor shower in 1989. However, the same meteor shower resulted in the water of the town being contaminated with blue kryptonite, resulting in the water supply providing the residents with increased health.

Driven insane at the loss of his daughter, Joseph convinced himself that her death had led to the town's subsequent good health. As a result, he insisted on sacrificing a young woman once a year on the anniversary of the 1989 meteor shower. Since then, nobody in the town has gotten sick.

Season TenEdit

His younger daughter Charlotte Cavanagh leads Lois to them offering her shelter when Lois and Clark's car break down. They attempted to use Lois as a sacrifice- Clark initially unable to resist them due to the blue kryptonite they had drunk preventing him from accessing his powers in their presence-, but after they stabbed and buried Clark, he was removed from their presence long enough for his body to heal. When Lois's attempt to reason with Joseph failed, Clark returned in time to shield her from the blue kryptonite-induced flames. With Clark having survived the fire, the townspeople lost faith in Joseph's 'message', Lois proclaiming a warning to the townspeople to end their sacrifices or face Clark's wrath before the two of them sped away.