Jude Royce
Family Parents (deceased) Amanda Rothman (fiancée)
Occupation Unknown
Played By Corin Nemec
Status Deceased (Zero)

Jude Royce was the fiancé of Amanda Rothman, a friend of Lex Luthor.

Early life

Jude betrayed Amanda, and Lex helped her discover him at Club Zero in the company of other women. He blamed Lex for her leaving him, but Lex's responds "You brought this on yourself."

While still at the club, Jude stabbed Lex in the shoulder with a knife. Lex's personal security guard, Max Kasich, tried to intervene, but his gun was knocked from his hand. Amanda picked up the gun and shot Jude dead on the dance floor.

A week after Amanda's funeral, her brother Roy Rothman eats in a restaurant and finds a short order cook who looks exactly like Jude. Roy hires this guy to help him seek vengeance against Lex. The impostor posed as Jude Royce and presented himself to Max Kasich demanding the truth.

Season One

Lex received a box with Max's hand in it, and Max's body was found dead. Next the impostor presented himself to Lana Lang and applied for a job as assistant manager of the Talon. Finally, he approached Lex as an agent from the Center for Environmental Protection and used a taser to kidnap Lex. He took Lex to the old warehouse where Club Zero used to be, and then Roy killed the impostor.

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