Kara Kent has had a number of near-death experiences. Because of her Kryptonian heritage, many of these incidents involved green kryptonite.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
706Smallville0805 7x06 Lara Kara nearly died after Agent Carter exposed her to kryptonite to retrieve her past memories. Lionel Luthor shot Agent Carter with a gun, and Clark Kent punched her chest and restarted her heart.
708Smallville0947 7x08 Blue Kara was almost killed by her father Zor-El when he tried to choke her.
Normal fracture761 7x12 Fracture Kara, stripped of her powers, came close to being shot by Finley.
S713Smallville0147 7x13 Hero Kara was almost killed at the Stride gum factory when a piece of scaffolding came loose and almost fell directly on her while she was stripped of her powers. She was saved at the last minute by Pete Ross, who was temporarily metahuman due to kryptonite-infused chewing gum.
Normal apocalypse0672 7x18 Apocalypse Kara was shot by a kryptonite bullet by Lex Luthor in an alternative universe, but he decided to spare her life.
Arctic update 7x20 Arctic Brainiac trapped Kara in the Phantom Zone, stripping her of her powers.
808Smallville0862 8x08 Bloodline Kara was seriously wounded after being attacked by Faora, but Chloe Sullivan uses her Brainiac-like powers to open a portal to the Phantom Zone. Clark is pulled into the portal, and brings Kara back with him. Back on Earth, Kara is instantly healed as her powers return.
Sv10x20 000159 10x20 Prophecy While searching for the Bow of Orion, Kara was trapped inside an energy barrier that surround her and threatened to disintegrate her if she moved. She was rescued by Oliver Queen.


  • Kara's life has been at risk 8 times since her introduction in Season Seven. This is the lowest count from a female lead character.
  • Kara appeared to die after Agent Carter exposed her to kryptonite.
  • Kara almost died twice while stripped of her powers, and twice while exposed to kryptonite.

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