" I've searched so long for my mother, and I never found her. You and I are the last survivors of the House of El. And after everything that we've been through together, I had to come back to the one place in the universe that I had family." Kara (Supergirl)

After leaving Smallville, Kara went to find the only possible living members from the bloodline of the House of El – her mother. However, unable to find her after two years of searching, Kara came to realize that she and Kal-El were the only survivors of the House of El as well as the only surviving Kryptonians left in the universe.

At some point after her search was over, Jor-El summoned Kara back to Earth, giving her a mission, to save the world instead of Kal-El, for he was disowned by his father as a protection measure to prevent "the Dark Force" from possessing Clark and using him as a pawn to destroy Earth.

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