"Your path is on Earth, living amongst the humans and inspiring mankind." - Kara Kent to Clark Kent, Bloodline

Kara reappears in the Phantom Zone.

Kara was trapped in the Phantom Zone fighting off Zoners for months until Clark and Lois arrived due to the Crystal of Knowledge. She attacked them at first but after discovering who they were, she refused to open the portal because she didn't want to make the same mistake Clark made when he was in the Phantom Zone. Eventually Clark convinced her to open the portal for Lois and then Kara open the portal and pushed her into it. Then a phantom wraith, Faora, attacked Kara, injuring her and escaped through the portal before it closed, possessing Lois in the process.

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Kara captures Faora.

Mortally wounded, Clark attempted to help her but Kara tried to make Clark leave without her. Chloe activated the Crystal of Knowledge opening a portal back to Earth and then Kara and Clark returned to earth safe and sound.

Kara found John Jones under Clark's instructions to get his phantom crystal in order to stop Faora and extracted her from Lois's body just before she could kill Clark.


Kara flies into space.

At Kent Farm, Kara told Clark that she was leaving Smallville to find Kandor, the capital city of Krypton which is rumored to still exist out there somewhere in space and could possibly contain more survivors of their bloodline, believing it's her destiny to find and save them. Clark offered to go with her to help find it but Kara told Clark his destiny is on Earth and that he gives mankind hope for the future. She then flew away into space to begin her quest.

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