"You have grown strong. Your will is no longer at the mercy of my command. You will need that strength to forge your own path. It is in your hands to choose." - Jor-El to Kara, Prophecy
Supergirl 07105

Kara reappears after two years.

When a billboard that supported Gordon Godfrey’s views of heroes was falling, Kara flew and caught it, revealing herself to the public in the process. Catching up with her cousin, Kara told him about her adventures since escaping the Phantom Zone and why she was back in town.

Supergirl 0532

Kara tries to teach Clark how to fly.

Kara decided to help Clark fly again despite Jor-El's wishes and ultimately failed in this task as he cannot understand all of his powers, as he still has doubt and darkness in his heart. Clark showed Kara the crow's nest where he used the Book of Rao and realized that was when the "Darkness" arrived on Earth and the two planned to find a way of sending the "Darkness" back using her bracelet.


Kara's civilian disguise.

Clark and Kara used the computers of Watchtower to track the "Darkness", which they discovered was inhabiting Godfrey and the computers showed that Lois followed him, realizing that she was in danger. The two Kryptonians went to Club Desaad in search of them. As the "Darkness" tried to take on Clark and possess his body, Kara used her Kryptonian bracelet to deflect it and later saved Lois. Kara decided to live in secret, under a disguise, as well as was going to find the "Darkness" and defeat it herself, telling Clark that this isn't his fight anymore.


Kara on a magazine.

Kara then began to get on top of all the newspapers and magazines and began to be recognized as a superhero by everyone.

When the Vigilante Registration Act was issued, Clark began to meet secretly with Kara around the globe for a few weeks, which he'd assumed had gone unnoticed until Dr. Emil Hamilton mentioned it to him when he returned to Metropolis.

At some time, Kara was affiliated with Watchtower as she would do some check-ins from time to time.

When Slade Wilson began to take a more active approach in promoting the VRA and in taking down the heroes, all the currently known heroes were listed in the Daily Star newspaper. Amongst them was a photo of Kara, who has been officially dubbed by the press as "Supergirl".


Kara and Oliver search for the bow of Orion

While in search of the mythical Bow of Orion, Kara found herself trapped in an energy force field where she was later found by Oliver Queen. He managed to release her and the two continued on the search together. Kara wondered why Oliver was looking for the bow and if Clark knew that he was, but Oliver was reluctant to give a straight answer. Eventually, the duo found the chamber of the bow just as Kara was called away by Jor-El to the Fortress, leaving Oliver to finish the quest.

Sv10x20 000493

Kara is shocked after Jor-El asks her to leave Clark

At the fortress, Jor-El told her that she had already completed her mission and it was time for her to move on and start her own journey or continue to be in Clark’s life and disrupt his future. Considering her options, she wanted Clark to be happy, as well as she wanted to fulfill the role that Jor-El had in store for her. To that end, she chose to leave to another time.


Kara decides to leave to forge her own destiny.

Kara tearfully watched Clark and Lois through Watchtower's window and bid Clark an unheard goodbye, wishing him luck, before slipping on a Legion ring and traveling to the future to embark on her own destiny.

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