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Karen Gallagher
Family Evan Gallagher (son, deceased)
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Energy absorption
Played By Pascale Hutton
Status Deceased

Karen Gallagher was the mother of Evan, a metahuman child with the ability to age rapidly. She was a senior at Smallville High School in the same class as Clark Kent.

Powers and Abilities

Season Four

When she got pregnant at a party, the baby grew rapidly and her pregnancy went to full term in one week. When she was about to give birth, the father of the child, Tanner Sutherland, abandoned her and she was vaporized in the car leaving the baby unscathed.

Clark Kent and Lana Lang found the baby in Evan's Field and named him Evan. They took care of him but quickly realized that he was aging at a dangerously rapid rate. They discovered Karen Gallagher's identity in an attempt to save Evan from dying.