Katherine Goodwin
Katherine Goodwin
Occupation Unknown
Played By Christie Laing
Status Alive

Katherine Goodwin was the girlfriend of Victor Stone and seemingly a fellow Metropolis High student.

Early life

Katherine and Victor had been planning to marry when they left school but she was told that Victor had died in the car accident that killed his family, unaware of his continued existence courtesy of bionics. A photograph of her was the only personal effect that Victor managed to hold on to.

Season Five

Katherine was apparently taken hostage by Dr. Kreig in order to ensure Victor's co-operation and then released after Victor surrendered. After Kreig was exposed and the project shut down, Lang brought Katherine to see Victor and Clark at the Kent farm, where she and Victor were reunited and she promised they had time for him to explain everything that had happened to him.

Season Six

When Clark met Victor again a year later, he revealed that Katherine had been unable to handle the way he was and they had split up.


  • In the comics, Cyborg had a friend named Sarah Simms. Also in the comics, Cyborg's first girlfriend was named Marcy Reynolds, who left him after his implants.

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