The Kawatche are a Native American tribe whose name literally means "Skinwalkers" and who possess an intimate link with the planet Krypton, The House of El, and Clark Kent which streches back over 500 years.

Kyla and Clark

Clark Kent and Kyla Willowbrook explore the Kawatche Caves.

The oral history of the Kawatche people begins with a story of "a man from the stars" who came to Earth five hundred years ago. This visitor fell in love with the "mother" of the Kawatche people. From that affair, according to legend, the tribe was born.

The Kawatche people lay claim to a series of underground caves near Smallville, Kansas. These caves contain paintings and special symbols, which appear to be some kind of alphabet, although the Kawatche do not have a written language.

Jeremiah Holdsclaw, a graduate student and teaching assistant at Central Kansas A&M University, was at one point to be the future leader of the Kawatche tribe.


Skinwalker 548

Kyla Willowbrook transforms from wolf to human.

Skinwalkers are werewolf-like members of the Kawatche tribe who have the ability to transform into a wolf and back to their human form.

Kawatche oral history has it that the "man from the stars" brought with him "special green stones" which had strange effects on the people. One effect was the ability of a person to merge with an wolf skin that they wear to become that animal. This ability relates to the myths and legends that have surrounded lycanthropy and other human-nature transmutations throughout European, Asian and Native American history.

The Kawatche people named those with this ability "skinwalkers". One such skinwalker was Kyla Willowbrook, a modern day Kawatche tribe member.

The Slumbering Place

The Slumbering Place is a burial ground where the ancient Kawatche used to perform death rituals. Jeremiah Holdsclaw was writing a dissertation on this burial ground as part of his studies.

The Caves

Main article: Kawatche Caves
The Kawatche Caves are a series of underground caverns that were once inhabited by the Kawatche First Nation. LuthorCorp once owned the land containing the caves. In response to a petition drive led by Henry Small, the state of Kansas decided to exercise the Historic Artifacts Amendment and bought the project from LuthorCorp at thirty cents on the dollar. LexCorp secured the contract from the state for the preservation of the area.

Map of the Kawatche caves

Ownership of this contract was reverted to LuthorCorp when Lionel Luthor bought out LexCorp.

One cavern contained a series of pictograms painted on the walls that told of the legend of Naman and Sageeth. The location of the cavern had been lost until a rock slide caused by Clark Kent opened a fissure into the caves.


Main article: Naman
Skinwalker 242

The painting of Naman and Sageeth in the Kawatche Caves.

Naman is the name given by the Kawatche people to a man from another planet who is prophesied to "protect the entire world". This is assumed to be Clark.


Main article: Sageeth

Sageeth is a friend of Naman who is said to be like a brother. The prophecy tells of Sageeth one day turning against Naman and becoming the "bearer of darkness". The two will represent the balance between good and evil. This is assumed to be Lex Luthor, but a different interpretation also suggests Davis Bloome (Doomsday).

The Woman Naman's Destined to be with

The painting of this woman refers to Lois Lane.


Main article: Palak

Palak, also known as the Starblade, was a mythical dagger that possessed mystical properties. The legend of Naman tells that the original visitor left Palak in the wall of the caves for the Kawatche people to safeguard.

According to the legend, the Starblade is supposed to shine a light on the true Sageeth so Naman could identify and destroy his greatest enemy. If Sageeth ever touched it, the blade would disintegrate. Because of its importance, a person holding the blade was given abilities similar to those of earthbound Kryptonians to protect it until it could be delivered to the true Naman.

Any person (except Sageeth) holding the blade was given these abilities:

  • Super speed {faster than the human eye can see or follow}

Lex and Lionel Luthor look upon the Starblade.

Palak was missing for hundreds of years when the portion of the Kawatche caves with the Naman legend was hidden and lost to the tribe. After Lionel Luthor overtook LexCorp, LuthorCorp gained jurisdiction over the caves. Convinced the caves contained the secret for curing his terminal liver disease, Luthor commissioned studies and excavation which unearthed the Starblade.

Clark Kent as Naman

While doing research of the caves for her grandfather, Kyla Willowbrook discovered Clark Kent in the hidden chamber after he'd fallen through a fissure into the caves. She noted that he didn't have a scratch on him from the fall. Finding the lost pictograms, Kyla told Clark of the story of Naman and Clark was surprised it bore such a similarity to his own arrival and abilities.

During a second investigation of the cavern, Kyla revealed the legend of Sageeth and the dark-haired woman. The excavation of the land above the caves by LuthorCorp caused the ground to become unstable and a minor quake brought on a partial cave-in. To save Kyla from a large falling rock, Clark revealed his powers and both came to believe that he is Naman. Joseph Willowbrook, Kyla's grandfather, also came to believe this.

Kyla and Clark assumed that she was the dark-haired woman from the prophecy until her death. If the legend of Naman is believed to be about Clark, Lois Lane is most likely the woman depicted in the drawing. After Kyla's death, Joseph Willowbrook gave Clark the bracelet with the aquamarine diamond to give to the "true one" in his life.

About a year after Kyla's death, Palak was discovered by Lionel Luthor in the caves. Lionel called upon Joseph Willowbrook to identify and authenticate the artifact. Willowbrook brought Jeremiah Holdsclaw with him and, knowing of the legend, Holdsclaw took the Starblade from Lionel. He attempted to break the blade with a stone, but the blade protected itself and granted Holdsclaw superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability and the Kryptonian heat vision.

Whether caught up in the legend or corrupted by the Starblade, Holdsclaw believed that he was Naman. Holdsclaw confronted Clark as being a false prophet to be killed and stabbed him with the Starblade, suggesting the blade might be made of Kryptonian metal.

Believing Lionel Luthor to be Sageeth, Holdsclaw captured and prepared the elder Luthor to be sacrificed at the Slumbering Place. Lex and Clark arrived separately to free Lionel and stop Holdsclaw, respectively. A struggle between Clark and Holdsclaw ensued in the woods near the burial ground, during which the Starblade was knocked free, stripping Holdsclaw of his powers and leaving the man comatose. The Starblade landed between Lionel and Lex. Both men attempted to grab the knife and, as both touched it, the Starblade disintegrated.

Clark was unable to see which Luthor touched the knife first and therefore which could be the prophesied Sageeth. He admitted to being unwilling to believe that Lex could possibly be his greatest enemy.

Years later, informed by a journal left by the late Lionel Luthor, Tess Mercer told Clark that the Kawatche cave drawing of the two-headed beast that represented Naman and Sageeth presented another possibility: that Clark is Naman and Davis Bloome is actually Sageeth. Davis, the "human" camouflage for the Kryptonian monster Doomsday, arrived on Earth the same day as the meteor shower that originally brought Clark to the planet. Just as Brainiac and Faora both told Davis that he arrived on Earth to kill "the other Kryptonian" and evolve into "Earth's ultimate destroyer", Tess believed Davis was destined to kill Clark.

Tess confronted both Davis and Clark with this information, referring to Davis as the "Judas" to Clark's "Jesus". Clark, now aware of Davis' Kryptonian heritage, denied everything Tess presented to him. Davis reluctantly accepted that his sole purpose was to destroy Earth's savior and, fearing his destiny, asked Chloe Sullivan to help him commit suicide in a LuthorCorp cage fitted with liquid Kryptonite. Clark intervened, wanting to find a way to help Davis with redemption. During the discussion, Davis began his transformation into Doomsday and, to protect Clark, Chloe pulled the switch to activate the cage. Chloe and Clark both believed Davis died as a result.

Clark visited Chloe at her apartment following Davis' supposed death and found her holding a picture of the Naman and Sageeth beast drawing. Clark, assuming that Davis was Sageeth, shared with Chloe that he was shocked to find that the confrontation wasn't as big a battle as prophesied. He burned the picture in Chloe's fireplace, believing the prophecy to have been fulfilled.

Chloe found that Davis had survived the Kryptonite cage and that he had actually grown more powerful as a result. After Chloe ran off with Davis as a means to keep him from Clark, Oliver Queen advised Clark that the best course of action would be to kill Davis. Clark devised an alternate plan to save and redeem Davis by separating him from the Doomsday beast using black kryptonite. Oliver and the Justice League captured Davis in hopes to kill him but Chloe intervened with Clark's plan. Clark confronted Doomsday and trapped the beast miles underground while Davis, his soul dark and twisted even separated from the beast, met his end in a violent confrontation with Jimmy Olsen.

It is unclear if the defeats of both Doomsday and Davis either represent or fulfill the prophecy. The visual evidence of the Starblade disappearing at either Lionel or Lex Luthor's touch directly contradicts this. Tess's relation of the story could be deception, a fabrication for her own purposes. It is possible, given her determination to make Clark face his destiny as the Traveler, that her motivation was to force a confrontation between Davis and Clark. It is also possible that Tess misinterpreted the information presented in Lionel's journal or Lionel was unaware of his possible connection to the prophecy.  In the comics, Lex Luthor was always portrayed as Superman's nemesis, though Doomsday is famous as being the only villain who was ever able to kill Superman.


  • The story of the original visitor in the Naman legend sounds similar to the story of Jor-El as Joe the Drifter except for the century. Jor-El visited Earth as Joe the Drifter in 1961.(See Relic.) Although, it is shown that the Stones of Knowledge were created with the Orb but brought to Earth in the 16th century. Jor-El is shown with the stones right after creating the Orb. Time travel is possible in Smallville and has been displayed via Kryptonian technology with the Fortress. It can be assumed or not that Jor-El brought the stones to Earth in the 16th century via time travel and met the Kawatche along the way. This could or could not explain how he knew the location of the caves in Relic. Also, the "man from the stars" knew of Rao's Prophecy when he stated he would send another who would fall in a rain of fire, thus him knowing of Krypton's future destruction. Also, the visitor stated that the one he would send back would protect the entire world. Jor-El sent Clark to Earth to fulfill this prophecy. However, another theory, it is never full stated how long Rao's Prophecy has existed on Krypton. Kryptonians could have been preparing for the planet's possible destruction for some time; ages. This could coincide with the possible theory that Jor-El's father Seyg-El could have been Naman. It seems as if most of the great men of the House of El travel to Earth and have a great influence on Smallville and its citizens. Seyg-El could have traveled to Earth, searching for a suitable world for kryptonians to inhabit, encountered and influenced the Kawatche and learned from his experiences on Earth. He would then send his first born, Jor-El, there as a rite of passage; to learn. Finally, the legacy would continue with Clark. Furthermore, on a different possibility, the visitor said the one he would send would have the: strength of ten men" and would be able to "start fire with his eyes". In Fallout, Baern stated that Jor-El must have been right about how the yellow sun affects Kryptonians. This means Jor-El was the first person to discover Kryptonain abilities and explain it to other Kryptonians. Jor-El traveled to Earth in Relic experiencing his abilities for the first time. He then could have went back to Krypton explained his theory about the yellow sun from his visit to Earth. Possibly, he could have traveled back in time to meet the Kawatche as well as bring the stones. The statements about the "strength of ten men", "start fire with his eyes","fall from the skies in a rain of fire" and the prophecy that Naman would "protect the entire world" could prove that Jor-El was the visitor.

because of his knowledge of Kryptonain powers and Rao's prophecy.

  • If the Naman-Sageeth legend is to be believed, it is unclear if Lex Luthor or Davis Bloome is the true Sageeth. As Lionel Luthor has died, Lex is the possible Sageeth for touching the Starblade and causing it to disintegrate per the legend. To complicate things further it appears that Lex is dead too. It is possible that Davis is Sageeth as part of the retcon that established his arrival on Earth at the same time as Clark, except that the Starblade disintegrated when he was nowhere nearby and it was officially revealed in Smallville: Absolute Justice that Lex will return and become Clark's ultimate enemy.

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