Ken Horton is an executive producer of Smallville.

Season Three

Ken wrote the following Season 3 episode:

  • Whisper (directed by Thomas J. Wright) - Clark is temporarily blinded by his own heat vision and he develops super-hearing to compensate. Meanwhile, Nathan Dean kidnaps Pete, Lex fires Chloe's dad, and Lana tells Clark she is seeing someone new.

Season Seven

Ken also directed the following Season 7 episode:

  • Descent (written by Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson) - The secret of Veritas leads Lex in a dangerous direction that will put Clark and Lex in each other's crosshairs. There is a major power struggle and Lionel dies.


  • In Season Eight's Beast, when Jimmy is caught by Oliver in Chloe's apartment stealing money from a coffee tin, the coffee tin resembles a tin from the Tim Horton's chain with the logo reading "Ken Horton". [picture needed]
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