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Jonathan, Clark, and Martha Kent.
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The Kents are a farming family that has owned and operated a farm in Smallville since 1871.

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Early HistoryEdit

Jessica Hiram Kent
Jonathan's parents, Hiram and Jessica.
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Nathaniel and Mary Glenowen Kent managed and lived in the Kent Farmhouse in 1871.[1]

Hiram Kent (1924-1980) was the father of Jonathan Kent and Clark's adoptive grandfather. He was a farmer, like all the Kent men. He and his wife Jessica unknowingly met young Jor-El under the alias of Joe and saved him from going to jail for being framed for murder. Jor-El sent his son Kal-El to his son Jonathan decades later. Hiram and Jonathan were very close, and Jonathan often reflected on their relationship when dealing with his own son.

Jonathan, Martha and Clark Kent.
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Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent owned the Kent Farm. They found Kal-El and his tiny spaceship following the meteor shower on October 16, 1989. He was wandering around alone and naked, and appeared to be about age two or three. Jonathan and Martha brought the boy home. Deciding that he had indeed fallen from the sky, they adopted him and raised him as their son. Lionel Luthor owed Jonathan a favor and provided them with "official" adoption papers. They told no one about his arrival on Earth, not even Martha's parents. The Kents named the boy Clark, Martha's maiden name. However, Clark soon proved to be no ordinary toddler. Bit by bit, he began to exhibit super-human abilities, beginning with super strength.

Over the years, Jonathan and Martha's loving, supportive parenting instilled in Clark a strong sense of morality and the importance of helping those in need. The Kents raised Clark with a modest lifestyle and taught him to treat his abilities as gifts and use them to help others, but to keep them a secret from everyone, including his best friends. Despite the fact that he was different from everyone, Clark was raised as normal as possible; he attended school and had friends just like any normal kid. Clark was aware that he was adopted, but the Kents waited until he was fourteen to tell him that he was not from Earth.

Martha got pregnant during Clark's second year in high school even though the doctors had always said she and Jonathan couldn't have children. However later in the spring Martha lost the baby due to a truck accident and Clark remained an only child.

Kara Kent.
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In 2006, the night Jonathan was elected Kansas State Senator, he died of a heart attack. Martha later took his position as senator. Clark assumed primary responsibility of the farm. In 2007, Martha moved to Washington D.C. to serve in the United States Senate shortly before Clark discovered his Kryptonian cousin Kara. His friend Chloe Sullivan created a false history for Kara to explain her sudden appearance, christening her "Kara Kent". Clark and Kara lived on the farm together for much of that year, before Kara was kidnapped by Brainiac and placed in the Phantom Zone. In 2008, Clark and Lois were accidentally transported to the phantom zone by the crystal where they were reunited with Kara and returned back to Earth together.

Conner Kent.
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In 2011, Clark is introduced to a clone that shares both his and Lex's DNA known as Conner Kent, Clark assumes the responsibility of offering guidance to Conner by helping him fit in to society while also gaining control over all of his kryptonian abilities . Clark gives Conner the same moral guidance Jonathan and Martha gave to him and adopted him into the Kent family as his younger brother .

Clark and Lois.
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In 2010, Clark proposed to Lois Lane who accepted his marriage proposal with great joy and happiness as she became his fiance.

Alternate UniverseEdit

In an alternate reality of the year 2007/2008, Clark had never come to earth, and Jonathan was still alive. He and Martha had a child who also was called Clark. The alternate Clark Kent was still attending Smallville High School. It was not established if the alternate Clark Kent was born to the Kents or if he was adopted.

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