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Family Clark Kent (descendant)
Status Deceased

This unnamed man was a Kryptonian of the House of El bloodline.


He was a warrior who lived on Krypton back when it was a savage and primitive planet, before they became a race of science.

He visited Earth 500 years ago. It's unknown how he got to Earth, as at this time, Krypton was not that advanced, so portals didn't exist. He fell in love with the "mother" of the Kawatche people, and from that affair, according to legend, the tribe was born. The man told them prophecies of things to come about figures such as Naman and Sageeth. The man also stored the Star blade in the Kawatche Caves for safe keeping. Then, he "flew" back into the sky, meaning that maybe he took a ship.

Powers and abilities

This man demonstrated the following abilities in front of the Kawatche people:

  • Solar battery - As a Kryptonian, this man could store and metabolize solar energy from the Earth's yellow sun to run his abilities.
  • Super strength - This man was extremely strong.
  • Heat vision - This man could shoot heat/fire beams from his eyes.


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