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Example of Kryptonian vessel: Jor-El inhabiting Lionel

A Kryptonian vessel is a human who can be (or has been) prepared for possession by a Kryptonian spirit or wraith.

Only Jor-El and Brainiac have been able to successfully prepare a human for possession by a Kryptonian. Importantly enough, Kryptonians, even while inside a humans' body, seem to be vulnerable to Green kryptonite, as seen when Lionel, while hosting Jor-El, stands a great distance away from the green rocks while talking to Lana about their true weakness or "poison" as he puts it.

Known vessels

Full Possession
Received Powers
  • Lindsey Harrison was involuntarily changed into a Kryptonian vessel by Jor-El, assuming the false persona of Kara from Krypton." (Covenant)
  • Lionel Luthor, being exposed to the Water stone made him catatonic, and later became a vessel for Jor-El after Clark died, and after that, he retained a strong connection with the Kryptonian. (Commencement, Hidden, Oracle)

Demonstrated Powers and Abilities

  • Super speed: Jonathan could travel at crazy speeds while possessed with Jor-El's power. After Clark freed himself of the effects of red kryptonite by smashing the ring, Jor-El quickly removed his great power from Jonathan. At first, through Brainiac's serum, Lex gained Kryptonian powers, such as speed and strength. Lindesy was able to basically disappear and reappear instantly through her speed.
  • Super hearing: It's highly possible that Lionel Luthor, after becoming the vessel of Jor-El, gained heightened hearing, as he was able to hear something Lex said from outside the Luthor Mansion.
  • Super strength: Jonathan was given Jor-El's strength and therefore was able to quell Clark's uncontrollable power and take him home. Lindsey could overpower men. Lex could approach Clark and fight with him. When Jor-El inhabited Lionel Luthor his Oracle, he punched through glass.
  • Invulnerability: While with Jor-El's powers, Jonathan survived a column falling on his head and survived a very long fall crashing through glass. Lex was completely impenetrable with the powers, but apparently a Kryptonian dagger can kill him.

Oddly enough, not one vessel displayed Super breath, Heat vision, or Arctic breath. However, for Jonathan Kent, for Super breath/Arctic breath, it could be because he didn't know Clark had it, and General Zod likely didn't have a need to.


Clark: I was... I was just at the hospital. How did you get me here?
Jor-El-as-Lionel: The portal in the cave. When this body was activated by the crystal, it became an oracle of Kryptonian knowledge-- a vessel for me to inhabit if ever you should need me. That time was now.
Season Five, Hidden

Jor-El: (to Clark) Zod's physical body was destroyed to prevent him from escaping the Phantom Zone. He can be freed if he finds a body-- a vessel to inhabit. You must find the human vessel and destroy it. No matter who it maybe.
Season Five, Vessel

Milton Fine: (referring to Kara) It didn't look like she had much fight left in her. But she'll heal. She's healthy. So is Lex Luthor... the vessel. Together, they will repopulate the planet, and Krypton will rise again.
Season Seven, Apocalypse

Chloe: What did you do with Lois?
Faora-as-Lois: I needed her vessel. Not my first choice, but surprisingly flexible.
Season Eight, Bloodline

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