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Kryptonite handcuffs

Kryptonite handcuffs are handcuffs made out of green kryptonite. It has been used on the back of the wrists to prevent Kryptonians and metahumans from using their abilities. They were created by the government in order to prevent people with abilities from avoiding release after being captured.

Season Seven

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Kara weak from the kryptonite handcuffs

When Kara Kent entered the Luthor Mansion, she was x-raying the place for a safe believing that Lex may have her crystal when Agent Carter snuck up behind her with kryptonite handcuffs placing them on her and planning to take her to Washington. When Lex Luthor entered the room before and asked what he was doing, Carter shot him with a tranquilizer dart which knocked Lex out. When Carter had Kara hooked up to memory equipment, Clark Kent attempted to rescue her but was weakened by the kryptonite. Clark believed he had knocked Carter out, but Carter snuck behind him before Lionel Luthor shot him in the back.

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Linda powerless from the kryptonite handcuffs

In an alternate reality, after President Luthor shot Clark and Linda Danvers, Milton Fine appeared with other secret agents and arrested Linda using kryptonite handcuffs.

Season Eight


Randy Klein with kryptonite handcuffs

Once Randy Klein was arrested for the recent murders in Metropolis, he was placed in Metropolis Police Department's custody with kryptonite handcuffs to prevent him from using his abilities. He was then blackmailed by Eva Greer into joining Tess Mercer's team of supervillains.



  • Kara is the one who most often has been affected by this artifact.
  • It is unknown how kryptonite handcuffs would neutralize the powers of a normal metahuman.
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