Kyle Waterson - Red
Kyle Waterston
Occupation Freshman (Metropolis University)
Played By Geoff Clements
Status Deceased

Kyle Waterston [1] was a freshman at Metropolis University and the ex-boyfriend of Jessie Brooks.

Season Two

Kyle had briefly dated Jessie, but she and her father left for Smallville because of a corrupt US Marshall named Ted Palmer. Ted, later, interrogated Kyle. He threatened to shoot Kyle, unless he told him everything. Kyle admitted that he had kept in touch with Jessie since she left, but he didn't know where she went. After Ted was done with his interrogation, he pushed a radio into the hot-tub that Kyle was sitting in, electrocuting and killing him. Ted then left to pursue Jessie and her father.

Kyle's body was later found by the Metropolis police. Kyle's death was presumed to be an accident.


  1. [1] Kyle's last name and police report was found in this article.

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