Normal 49200
Occupation Student
Played By Bow Wow (Shad Moss)
Status Alive

Lamar is a teen that was possessed by the Zoner Baern.

Season Six


Lamar possessed by Baern

Lamar and his friend Yance were playing basketball when the phantom Baern crashed several feet away from them. Baern killed Yance and possessed Lamar.

Six weeks later, Baern as Lamar searched for Kal-El in order to get his revenge on the House of El. He searched the Daily Planet archives and found an article about Clark Kent. Baern soon arrived in Smallville and attacked Clark and Raya.

Raya defeated Baern and he got away. Baern arrived at the Luthor Mansion and attacked Lana and Lex. He absorbed the Black Box. He later visited the Kent Farm and asked Martha Kent where Clark was when Clark and Raya activated the Fortress and called Baern with a Kryptonian beacon.

Baern rushed to the Fortress of Solitude where he confronted Clark and Raya. Baern killed Raya but was banished to Phantom Zone by Clark. Clark then rushed the now normal Lamar to Smallville Medical Center where he woke up with no memory of what he had been doing for the past six weeks.

Lamar is presumably back in his home town.

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