Throughout Smallville, Lana Lang has had many near-death experiences:

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Smallville101 784 1x01 Pilot Jeremy Creek attempted to kill all of the students of Smallville High, including Lana, in order to get revenge for becoming the scarecrow. Clark stopped him, and he got amnesia.
Smallville102 693 1x02 Metamorphosis Greg Arkin, a metahuman with bug-like powers, kidnapped Lana and put her in a cocoon in a treehouse. While Clark Kent battled Greg at Creekside Foundry, Whitney Fordman went to the treehouse and rescued Lana.
Smallville104 726 1x04 X-Ray Tina Greer was envious of Lana and wanted her life, so she threw Lana into an airtight crypt. Clark used his x-ray vision to find her.
Smallville105 659 1x05 Cool Sean Kelvin almost sucked the heat out of her body but she sought refuge in the Luthor Mansion
Smallville108 468 1x08 Jitters Lana almost died in a gas explosion but Lex Luthor saved her and the rest of her class.
Smallville115 450 1x15 Nicodemus Lana fell off the windmill at Chandler's Field while under the influence of the Nicodemus flower, but Clark caught her.
Smallville118 331 1x18 Drone Sasha Woodman attacked Clark and Lana with a swarm of bees in an attempt to knock Clark out of the race for class president. Clark was able to get Lana to safety and drive the bees away.
Obscura035 1x20 Obscura Whitney and Lana nearly got caught in the explosion themselves and Lana was knocked off her feet. Deputy Gary Watts kidnapped and fired a bullet at Lana to take the credit for solving her murder. Clark arrived in time to deflect the bullet.
21TempestBodyCount 1x21 Tempest Lana's truck was sucked into a tornado, but Clark climbed in and protected her from the debris.
Smallville209 393 2x09 Dichotic Ian Randall split himself in two and attempted to kill both Chloe and Lana by throwing them off a dam. Clark caught Chloe, knocked one Ian out, pulled Lana to safety, and let the other Ian fall off the dam.
Smallville219 032 2x19 Precipice A drunk Andy Arthur assaulted Lana after she told him and his friends to leave the Talon.
Smallville221 492 2x21 Accelerate Having no moral conscience, Emily Dinsmore threw Lana into a river after Lana told her she couldn't be saved years ago. Clark pulled Lana out of the river and resuscitated her.
Smallville302 559 3x02 Phoenix One of Morgan Edge's thugs took Lana hostage along with Martha and Jonathan Kent. Martha, Jonathan, and Lana were able to fight back, and the thug died by impaling himself on a pitchfork.
Smallville303 048 3x03 Extinction While Lana was swimming in the school pool alone, Jake Pollen attacked her, using his ability to breathe underwater. Van McNulty shot Jake while on his mission to rid the world of meteor freaks.
Smallville304 581 3x04 Slumber Nicholas Conroy drugged Lana, placed her in her Jeep, and prepared to blow the Jeep up. Clark super-sped to the rescue and caught the lighter before it reached the gasoline surrounding Lana's Jeep.
Smallville308 428 3x08 Shattered Lana brought food to the Smallville Stables for a mentally ill Lex, but he became angry, accused her of attempting to drug him, and threw her into a horse stall. The horse was spooked and trampled on her, breaking her leg.
Smallville312 591 3x12 Hereafter In an attempt to get revenge for his daughter's death, Joseph Altman abducted Megan Calder and Lana and nearly burned them alive in his basement. Jordan Cross and Clark arrived in time to save them.
Sv314Lana 3x14 Obsession Alicia Baker attempted to kill Lana in a jealous rage until Clark arrived and used his heat vision to cover Alicia in lead paint, which prevented her from teleporting.
Smallville316 550 3x16 Crisis Adam Knight shot Lana, but she was able to call Clark, who caught the bullet. Clark knew what was going to happen since he heard the same call a day earlier.
Smallville321 622 3x21 Forsaken As an adolescent, Emily Dinsmore escaped confinement and took a second attempt on Lana's life, concealing her in a glass room which she gassed with chlorine. Clark busted through the glass walls to save her.
Smallville403 412 4x03 Façade Abigail Fine gave Lana a deadly kiss that caused her to hallucinate due to elevated levels of serotonin. Lois, Chloe, and Clark worked together to obtain the antidote.
410Smallville0535 4x10 Scare Lana was infected with a lethal toxin which caused people to live their worst fear before putting them into a coma. Clark super-heated Lex's antidote so it could be distributed to the victims of the toxin.
Pariah082 4x12 Pariah Because Tim Westcott thought Lana had poor morals, he tried to suffocate her while framing Alicia Baker in the process. Jason Teague was able to save her.
Smallville415 281 4x15 Sacred In a temple in China, Lana was captured by soldiers and tortured along with Jason and Lex, causing Isobel to emerge and break her free.
420Smallville0858 4x20 Ageless During Evan Gallagher's final explosion, Clark saved Lana by sending her away from the windmill and partly shielding the explosion with his body.
421Smallville1039 4x21 Forever In an attempt to re-create high school, Brendan Nash kidnapped Lana along with several other students, using his meteor power to threaten them into participating in school activities. When Clark defeated Brendan, everyone who was frozen went back to normal.
422Smallville1159 4x22 Commencement Lana's helicopter was hit by a meteor during the second meteor shower. Lex found her limping across the street and took her to the Luthor Mansion.
501Smallville0813 5x01 Arrival After trying to trap Disciples of Zod in a vault filled with green kryptonite, Lana was attacked by them. The Disciples were banished to the Phantom Zone by Clark.
Mortal2 5x02 Mortal Escaped Belle Reve patients Tommy Lee and the twins took Lana hostage along with Martha and Jonathan, demanding that Clark steal a serum. With Chloe's help, Clark was able to defeat them.
505Smallville0562 5x05 Thirst When joining the Tri-Psi Sorority, Lana was infected with a string of vampire rabies from kryptonite-infected bats. Clark received the antidote from Lex and injected it into Lana.
507Smallville0795 5x07 Splinter Under the influence of silver kryptonite, Clark almost choked Lana to death after hallucinating that she was having an affair with Lex. Milton Fine removed the splinter of silver kryptonite from Clark, saving Lana in the process.
511Smallville0889 5x11 Lockdown Greg Flynn and Deputy Harris kidnapped Lana and Lex Luthor in order to find the location of the Black Ship. Lana took them to Warehouse 15, only to find that the ship was gone, and Clark had to save her from a bomb.
512Smallville0560 5x12 Reckoning While being pursued by a drunk Lex, Lana died when her SUV was hit by a bus. Distraught over her death, Clark went to the Fortress of Solitude and asked Jor-El to reverse time, saving her from the car accident.
517Smallville0073 5x17 Void After breaking up with Clark, Lana experimented with the limbo drug - a dangerous substance which caused her to briefly die several times.
520Smallville1092 5x20 Fade Because his identity was in jeopardy, Graham Garrett attacked Lex and Lana. Lex blindly shot Graham, but in his last seconds of life, Graham fired at Lex and Lana. Clark caught the bullet.
601Smallville0477 6x01 Zod When Lana refused to cooperate with General Zod, he assaulted her, throwing her across the room and choking her. Clark escaped the Phantom Zone and was able to defeat Zod.
602Smallville0915 6x02 Sneeze Clark saved her by blowing out a fire.
605Smallville0463 6x05 Reunion She was nearly crushed by a chandelier.
608Smallville0807 6x08 Static Chloe and Jimmy saved her and Lex from Bronson
614Smallville0885 6x14 Trespass Clark saved her from a stalker named Mack.
618Smallville0478 6x18 Progeny Clark saved her from a metahuman under Moira Sullivan's influence.
Noir3 6x20 Noir She is found unconscious and bleeding after being shot in the Daily Planet.
5actionbodycount 7x05 Action Clark saved her from Ben Meyers.
Wrath30 7x07 Wrath She absorbed Clark's powers during what could have been a fatal lightning strike
708Smallville0637 7x08 Blue Zor-El nearly killed her
S715bodycount 7x15 Veritas Brainiac puts Lana into a state of excruciating pain while also disabling control over her body for many months.
810Smallville1098 8x10 Bride Lana is nearly killed during Doomsday's attack at Jimmy and Chloe's wedding.
811Smallville0696 8x11 Legion Lana could have died when she was caught in Brainiac's trance as he was absorbing the world's knowledge.
813Smallville0967 8x13 Power Lana was nearly killed when Tess Mercer attacked the machinery that was keeping her alive while the Prometheus Suit was applied to her skin but Dr. Groll knocked Tess away so she didn't have a clear shot.
814Smallville0813 8x14 Requiem Lana risked her life to protect the citizens of Metropolis while absorbing the kryptonite radiation from a bomb that was about to explode. Her super suit protected her but it was full of kryptonite.


  • Lana's life has been at risk 50 times over the course of the show until her departure in Requiem.
  • Lana Lang has died in four episodes on the show (Reckoning, Lexmas, Void, and Noir). Arguably, her deaths in Lexmas and Noir do not count as they were during dream sequences. Also, her death in Reckoning was reversed so that it never actually happened in this timeline.
  • While dating Clark in Season Five, Clark saved her six times (Arrival, Mortal, Hidden, Thirst, Lockdown, and Reckoning) then twice after they broke up. (Void and Fade).
  • During Lex's dream sequence, Lana went into labor and started to rapidly lose blood. Lionel refused to help; as a result, Lana died. (Lexmas)
  • Lana is almost killed by a fellow beauty pageant (Mrs. Smallville) contestant Holly Gehrig (who has the ability of acid touch) due to Holly's obsession of winning. Lana's saved by the arrival of Clark and Chloe.

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