"If you help me, I promise, you'll be helping the world." Lana Lang, Power.

Lana was forced to record the breakup video.

In actuality, Lex's men, led by Tess Mercer, obeyed Lex's orders to force her to give Clark a "Dear John" DVD, and kidnapped her for, what Lex thought, her own safety. However, Lana had managed to escape, hijacking the van she was in. She then cut her hair short, and went into hiding for an unknown period of time.


Lana after cutting her hair.

Normal power320-1-

Lana convinces Carter to train her.

Afterwards, Lana met Carter Bowfry and offered him money to train her and convinced him to help. He put her through a training regimen designed to resist pain and torture. In addition, he got her to admit that she was still holding onto Clark, and told her to overcome her previous life and become a new person. After his training was complete, Lana told Carter she needed power. Lana admitted she had it before, but was not ready for it emotionally, mentally or physically. Carter warned against it, claiming that too much power wasn't alway a good thing: however, he still gave her a phoenix medallion to help remember the lessons she learned and to remind her to be her own person: to make her own decisions based on what she believed was right.


Lana visits Chloe.

Lana visited Chloe and congratulated her on her engagement to Jimmy as well as expanding the Isis Foundation. She said she wasn't going to see Clark just yet, but had read about his activities in Metropolis as the Red-Blue Blur. She wanted to track down information on Lex's Project Ares, but Chloe advised against it. Lana insisted that she was going to do it, and she'd tell Clark when the time was right. She made Chloe promise not to say anything to Clark about her return, and then departed for Cuba in search of Lex.

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