" Ever since Lana came back she has been different. There is something darker about her." – Clark Kent, Wrath
Lana Lang - Kristin Kreuk

Lana lived in Shanghai, China for a short period of time.

Shortly after her reported death, Lana was seen alive in hiding in Shanghai, China wearing a blonde wig for weeks. No one was aware of her faked death until Lex found her in Shanghai. She left her clone (Model 503) that Lex created in her car so that when it blew up, they found her DNA. While explaining all of this, Lana held Lex at gunpoint but she was unable to kill him despite his actions. He told her she could return to Smallville and that he would take care of everything for her.

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Lana returns to Smallville.

Lana took Lex up on his offer and returned to Smallville, meeting Clark in his barn. He was shocked to see her alive but also delighted at the same time. He invited Lana to stay with him at the farm, until her name could be cleared. Lana called Lex over to discuss her situation, confirming that she accepted Lex's offer. Lana was later seen with Clark at a public carnival, suggesting that her name has been cleared.


Lana spies on Lex.

While living with Clark, Lana met Clark´s Kryptonian cousin Kara and the Martian Manhunter. Clark found out through Lex that Lana had stolen ten million dollars from him and when he confronted Lana about the money, Lana explained that it was another one of Lex's ways to split them up and that the money was a divorce settlement, which was the truth. She assured Clark that she would never keep secrets from him. Then she went to her own secret hideaway where she had numerous security screens watching over the Luthor Mansion and Lex himself.

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Lionel confronts Lana.

Lana was increasingly consumed with vengeful feelings towards Lex and Lionel Luthor, which she hid from Clark. It was revealed that she was responsible for having Lionel being held prisoner by a crazy woman in a log cabin and once Lionel got free, he confronted Lana at the Kent Farm and warned her not to continue her descent to the dark side or something bad would happen to her. When Lana told Clark that she doesn't want to hold him back when the world needs him more than her, Clark assured Lana that he is happy with her and she doesn't need to worry and that gave Lana a green light to continue in her affairs.


Lana asks Chloe to keep the Isis Foundation a secret.

When Chloe found out about Lana's Isis Foundation, designed to help the meteor-infected, Lana asked Chloe to keep the Foundation a secret - especially from Clark. Chloe agreed but sensed that there was something Lana was hiding. Lana said that it was Chloe's imagination and that there was no secret.


A superpowered Lana tries to kill Lex.

Despite all this, Lana managed to fool Clark and made him try to get their relationship on track by being more honest with each other. During a romantic afternoon, they were struck by lightning and Lana received some of Clark's powers. Her new abilities amplifying her anger, Lana wanted vengeance and to make Lex pay for his crimes. While trying to cure her, Clark discovered the Isis Foundation and found out that she had been watching Lex for months. Lana went to confront Lex. He remarked that Lana was still in love with him and kissed her. Lana continued her assault on him and was only stopped from killing Lex by Clark himself. He overpowered her and used a live wire to take the powers from her.

After that, Lana chose to face the consequences of her actions although Clark blamed her behavior on himself. She informed him that she made her own choices and claimed that she kidnapped Lionel because she was protecting Clark. She was not remorseful, saying that she just needed to know that he would love her no matter what. Chloe also confronted her as well and informed her that she would not let Lana bring Clark down with her.

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Lana meets Clark's biological mother, Lara.

When Lana met Clark's biological mother, Lara, she agreed to keep Lara company while Clark met up with Kara. Lara told Lana that she could see the darkness Lana was battling, but their conversation was cut short when Zor-El stormed in to take Lara. Lana tried to protect her but Zor-EL flung Lana in the air, injuring her. Later Lana told Clark that she doesn't know if she deserves him after all she's done, but Clark assured her that it is okay to make mistakes.


Lana is taken with the "new" Clark.

After two weeks of being missing after he went to plead with Jor-El to find Kara, Clark seemingly returned home and declared that Kara was gone forever. Lana told him that she was done spying on Lex but Clark then asked to see what she had discovered. As Lana restored her surveillance room in the Isis Foundation, they investigated something Lex was working on called Project Scion. Lana showed Clark a woman who was found suffering from toxic levels of metal poisoning and Clark discovered that Brainiac was alive. After rescuing Chloe and Jimmy, it was revealed that "Clark" was, in fact, the escaped Zoner Bizarro.

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Lana having to decide between Bizarro or Clark.

For the next two weeks, "Clark" and Lana seemingly reconnected. He declared that they could run away together from Smallville and Lana agreed. When the real Clark returned, Lana could not believe that she had been living with an impostor for weeks. Clark was dismayed that Lana had been completely fooled and despite this Lana tried to atone by helping Clark defeat Bizarro. She admitted that Bizarro made her feel more loved and happier than she ever had been. This caused Clark and Lana's relationship to be strained to the brink.

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Lana being confronted by Clark at the Isis Foundation.

After Lionel approached Lana asking for surveillance on Lex, blackmailing her in the process, Lana decided to tell Clark, who was angry that Lana was only telling the truth because she was being threatened. They argued over what one expects of the other and Lana finally decided to stay with Chloe for a few days, but Clark confessed that he wasn't ready to give up on them.

After Lex was shot in the head, Lana provided Clark and Chloe information about Project Intercept with the resources she had at the Isis Foundation so that they could find Kara. Then, Lana and Clark returned to live happily together without secrets.


Clark and Lana happy together.

When Kara returned with amnesia, Lana and Lionel convinced Clark not to tell her the truth about her origins. However Kara confronted Lana and demanded the truth. When Lana didn't tell her anything, Kara was driven to Lex, believing that Clark and Lana did not have her best interests at heart and moved in with him.


Lana and Chloe looking for Clark.

Finally when Clark decided to go to the Fortress to ask Jor-El what to do, he disappeared and Lana called Chloe to help find him. They discovered a Kryptonite dart in the barn and confronted Lionel. Lionel threw suspicion onto Lex and Chloe and Lana quickly believed him, saying that she would kill Lex if he hurt Clark. However, Chloe found evidence that Lionel was in fact responsible. Lana told Chloe about secret passages into the mansion and they set out together to rescue Kara from the mansion so she could rescue Clark.

With Brainiac's return, Kara tried to teach Clark to fly, so he sent Lana to Isis. There, Brainiac attacked her, leaving her in a catatonic state: allowing Brainiac full control over her body, and only reversible by him. He sent her home to deliver a message to Clark and Kara. Brainiac told them that Lana was in excruciating pain and aware of her surroundings, but was unable to control her own body. Although Kara chose to follow Brainiac's orders, he does not release Lana and she was somewhat mobile but remained relatively unresponsive to outside stimuli.[1]


Lana in a catatonic state.

After Brainiac and Kara's departure, Clark took her to an asylum, but no sort of treatment was able to help her. Even after Clark and Kara defeated Brainiac, her condition continued to deteriorate. Lex revealed that he had his best doctors evaluate her, but they too were unsuccessful at treatment.


Lana says goodbye to Clark.

When Clark finally destroyed Brainiac, Lana awoke from her catatonic state, completely recovered. She made Clark a video and left it at the hospital for him to find. Lana told Clark that the world needed him more than she did and that they were not meant to be together. She continued to say they were only fooling themselves. She told Clark that she was leaving and he should not follow her. She let him know that she still loved him, more than he would ever know.


  1. In an unaired scene from Arctic, it is revealed that Lana, in fact, became violently dangerous and uncontrollable, but Clark was able to plead with her and calm her down.